Day: January 22, 2018


Blockchain technology is revolutionizing the way people relate with each other on a very high range. The industry is one of the fastest growing but at the same time in its earliest stage of development. Performance is one of the main challenges facing current Blockchain technology as research has revealed hitherto. As a corollary, the Blockchain that BITCOIN uses is premeditated to knob seven transactions per second but ETHEREUM can only handle a few more regrettably. Today’s Blockchain applications are built for the few tech whizzes who know how to use them, rather than mainstream consumers. Nearly all Blockchain applications require users to either run a Blockchain node or install a “light node.” The learning curve and effort involved has delayed adoption among the general public, thus a major limitations of the system as compared to its outlook. Extreme cost of transacting in the Blockchain platform coupled with platform lock-in challenges and lack of features are some of the challenges militating against the complete success of the newest technology of the 21st century. To make the system better and provide better ways to trade crypto-currency and create valuable ideas capable of metamorphosing the entire industry to the next stratum of favorable competition, was created as a completely decentralized ecosystem established on the premise and dogma of community thrust.
The main features of is the use of Blockchain machinery, which allows to make the platform translucent, unlock and as safe as possible for both transaction parties, reduction of transaction and business costs as well as simplification of the purchase process. The platform’s smart contract guarantees that the money goes to the seller’s account only after the item reaches the destination. Quality guaranteed – the item shipped to you is tested at the Storiqa verification center as additional advantage of the usage of this millennium bionetwork. As a result of the internal taxonomy of the ecosystem, the smart contract records the dealings flanked by the buyer and the seller, ensuring all reviews come from people who actually bought the item including the benefits that the platform-wide CPA network based on smart contracts instantaneously provides rewards for all orders made thanks to you; a Blockchain-based referral link system will monitor each order made through the referral link of the blogger, vlogger or traffic provider in the same vein. You sure cannot get all the technical details in just this one piece, thus take extra steps to find out more about the functionalities of the Blockchain, download ‘White Paper’ at and find out for yourself how the platform connects to your dream(s).

As a platform built on the dogma of the Blockchain, the platform will be fueled with the instrumentality of the token system. The ArcBlock Token (ABT) will be employed to transact and interrelate within the circumference of the ecosystem or for other dealings as the case may be. The token is built on the Ethereum platform. To allow investors and the general public, ICO is out on offer to the general public. Token’s value will grow as store value increases and vice versa, all this been equal. During ICO, tokens will be offered at the rate of $0.0085 USD with 6% bonus. 5 159 864 480 Tokens have been sold already. Softcap is set at 5 Million while Hardcap is postulated at 25 million, on an average. BTC, ETH LTC and other currencies are accepted for transactions. Token sales is Live Now but will soon end! To get tokens or terms/conditions of participation, visit
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