The world is gradually but rapidly changing to meet the Marshal McLuhan’s global village concept with the advancement of technology. The banking industry has completely gone under metamorphosis with more participants and indicators experimenting on diverse ways to make the system improved for the contemporary world and of course the not-too-far future. The micro-economy is also getting a touch of these revolutions with the advent of the new way(s) people interrelate and interexchange funds although research from relevant experts have revealed that the banking system is in reality undeserved as hitherto experienced in the conventional setting. To create a better alternative that will ensure that budding technologies provide the opportunity to generate a substitute that addresses recurrent problems of the banking structure in new ways, including systemic risk, data privacy, financial exclusion and sluggish competition, was created as a completely decentralized bionetwork solely anchored on the premise and dogma of the Blockchain technology; the new GOLD of the 21st century.

BABB is the decentralized bank for the micro-economy, providing individuals and businesses with a UK bank account, powered by Blockchain technology, in the same vein. The account will be managed via a smartphone app and provides right of entry to a decentralized payment card. In toting up, partnerships with central banks allow for the incorporation and issuance of other digital currencies around the world, further motivating local micro-economies and expanding the reach of the BABB solution and its fundamental BAX token. BABB is already an FCA Authorized Payment Institution (API) and will be applying for a Banking license in early 2018. To demonstrate the margin between account holders in the world and the need for further improvement, the diagram that follows gives an insight.

As a corollary of the failures of the former banking system vis-à-vis micro-economy from a global spectrum, leverages Blockchain, biometrics and machine learning to offer revolutionary decentralized banking services for people across the globe. Not considering milieu, locality or income, will offer a UK bank account to anyone willing in the world, helping augment financial enclosure and social amalgamation, while also empowering local economies to create wealth for them at the same time; which makes the ecosystem outstanding as compared to similar platforms. The ecosystem will connect people and businesses to a frictionless new global financial system which revolutionizes the contemporary micro-economic network through advanced technological, social, economical and regulatory capabilities built on community participation. The platform also operates a mobile app with global connectivity which will help users send money across the world, exchange currencies, lend and borrow money and fundraise for projects. Through the platform’s BLACK CARD, users can spend fiat currency or BAX – BABB indigenous cryptocurrency – online and in any country using the Black Card, a revolutionary decentralized payment card linked directly to user’s BABB bank account. Take one more step! For the fact that you are reading this piece shows that you are deliberately conscious of changing your financial status for the better, thus to get detailed information about the technical and methodological functionalities of the platform, download ‘White Paper’ at and find out more for yourself. As a platform built on the tenets of the Blockchain, the ecosystem will be powered with the instrumentality of the token, hence the token that will be employed to transact within the ecosystem will be the BAX token-a complete ERC20 compatible utility token and smart contract tailored to that direction. The illustration below shows the token flow, for the purpose of emphasis.

   50 million tokens will be created in total and will be distributed as shown below.

During the ICO, the initial fixed price of the token will be $0.0012 USD per BAX at main sale with Hardcap set at $20 million with 15% discount rate during the crowdsale season. Pre-ICO has ended but main sale event will take place 4 days from now. Take the chance now that there is still an opportunity, get tokens or details of token’s sales, click or simply connect through social media and stand a chance to meet with other participants, log on to;

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