Pornography these days is not a matter of choice but chance as people are illicitly exposed to all sorts of porn media contents even without knowing it sequel to the advancement in technology and the growing improvement in the video industry. The social media has also played an active role in the advancement of the industry through provision of different features that has helped user’s access porn contents as compared to before now when such contents are seen as depraved in the society. More and more participants are indicating interest to join the revolution to raise the standard of pornographic contents in the 21st century. While religious extremist preach against the usage of porn for excitement and pleasure, the modern society has taken it as a matter of leisure to deliberately consume such media contents not minding the tenets guiding religion, whatsoever. The need to improve and holistically advance the industry cannot be overemphasized at point, thus took the bull by horn and is working on completely decentralizing the porn video industry through workable technology anchored on the dogma of the Blockchain and powered by community participation. will provide complete package for users paying for adult services and contents which will ensure that there is no possible way for anyone (children, partners, spouses, lovers, even accountants) to stumble upon payment transactions vis-à-vis using the platform. This is affix to the fact that the developers of this platform considers to a large extent that consumption of such adult media contents are actually a very private business, thus others who are unauthorized should not have access to such contents in order to protect the user from incessant invasion. As a corollary, will ensure privacy of user accounts, as no private data is involved in imbursement transactions, leaving no risks behind each activity. At the click of the website at, you will be greeted by an emblem with an exclamation “We are proud to introduce you to our long-awaited alpha version of our AI, FreeHands, available at launch for all Seeds VIPs. Studied and created by our team to provide the best user-friendly experience, FreeHands is literally designed to simulate a real experience, removing the hassles of pressing buttons and navigating through dozens of pages, respecting nonetheless your privacy and anonymity: no chronology and no data at all (and even no log in, in future final tests) are required for FreeHands to fully work. Just choose one among three starting paths and the algorithm will make the rest, just like a pleasure house visit. Caring for Your casual and relaxing experiences, we will keep FreeHands updated as much as possible, following your feedbacks. Enjoy”. This is very real, as in real!
The illustration that follows gives an overview of the system and technology of the platform for the purpose of emphasis.

Some of the advantages of using the platform includes but not limited to anonymity and privacy for end users and producers from identity and fund thefts, phishing and hacking attempts, scam ads and brokerage plus transparency on all transactions, while keeping identities wholly cosseted. As a way to completely make the platform sophisticated in line with modern demands, seeds offers a state-of-the-art viewing structure, finding user’s preferences and granting all the freedom users need, while still being anonymous and without having to log in or save any chronology. This is powered by an artificial intelligence of the developer’s creation which they will keep developing after launch, following user’s feedbacks: just like reality, follow the platform algorithm’s lead to find the best experience.
Some of the very unique features of the concept in hinged on Blockchain-guaranteed security; an unidentified, fast, censorship-resistant, low cost transaction technology is now ready for all user of the platform to use coupled with 4K and Full HD original contents engineered by the developers of the bionetwork. Now users can enjoy their intimate moments with HQ products, as a product of the innovation of this 21st century concept. There is additional benefit of fast transactions thanks to the Blockchain Ethereum technology and SEEDS token. Take extra steps! You are in fact almost there, download ‘White Paper’ at and take time to study the technical and methodological provisions of the platform.
The bionetwork is anchored on the premise and tenets of the Blockchain technology thus will be powered by the instrumentality of the token system to allow the public explore the huge potentials and benefits of the platform. The token that will be employed to interrelate and interexchange valuable within the ecosystem will be the SEEDS tokens-a complete and compatible ERC20 token and smart contract tailored towards that direction to ensure authenticity of usage. 500,000,000 SEEDS have been created in total supply by the developers of this concept. Smart contract address is 0x81dD35FEF7020b129F72885fd2C261FD352f8E43 while Hardcap is set $60, 000, 000 USD, comparatively. During crowdsale, the initial fixed price will be 0.00005 ETH per 1 SEEDS token. The diagram below provides details of Pre-ICO and ICO including bonus scheme.

Proceeds of ICO will be distributed as shown in the pie chart that follows.

How do you start? You may want to know. Update your unique content to receive SEEDS tokens, first! Furthermore, available for the platform’s Seeds is VIP membership which is a revolutionary FreeHands algorithm, capable to look for user’s favorite and best moments without having to save any chronology and press an annoying deal of buttons. Just sit back and relax, FreeHands (a core concept of the bionetwork) will take all users without chauvinism by the hand in an amazing journey (as always, totally respecting their solitude and anonymity). Finally, check the platform’s mobile App to have right of entry into the site’s contents and services without restriction and the ecosystem’s seeds store for products and goods shipping all over the world.
ICO is LIVE NOW! To join the rest of the world, click and start the journey that connects directly to your dreams. You can also connect with other participants on social media via;

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