As the all work and no play axiom takes center stage of most decisions of man, divergent and convergent institutions have established models to help people interrelate play with work at different stratum. At https://ico.curecos.com/?lang=en, the world is set to experience wonders with the expansion of the operation base of a platform that ensures all constituents are properly represented. This was ignited by the evaluations from research pointing that since the onset of the platform’s service, the bionetwork have been communicating with Cosplayers and people in Cosplay-sphere and solely believe there are 5 major challenges including harmful effect of not having settlement account / Player, Sharing of Content Revenue / Player/User, Lack of Transparency in Trust and Evaluation / Player, Values yet to be actualized / Player, User and Globalization of information and its accuracy / User. To solve the afore-stated outlined challenges and to create a future that practically works, https://ico.curecos.com/?lang=en was created as a completely decentralized ecosystem built on the premise and dogma of the Blockchain technology and powered as well as sustained by community participation.
The platform as the world’s prevalent Cosplay ecosystem, the developers have a strong prominence on providing community service which is characterized by self-sustainability and development in a bid to make proper provisions for the teeming population of the world who hitherto are indicating interest to take active parts in the Cosplay-universe. The platform anchored on the tenets of the Blockchain because of the transparency and sustainability that accompanies the latest technology. The illustration that follows gives an overview of how the platform will interrelate with other variables within the ecosystem in order to achieve outlined objectives, for the purpose of emphasis.

Take extra steps! You are almost there. Get technical and methodological details of the functionalities of the platform and paraphernalia download ‘White Paper’ at https://ico.curecos.com/documents/Cure-Whitepaper_EN_V1.1.pdf?t=1517614775b and find out for yourself how the concepts connects to your dreams.
As an ecosystem that works with the instrumentality of the Blockchain technology, the platform will be fueled with a token to enable other participants take part in the huge benefits and potentials of the innovation. The token that will be employed to interexchange within the platform will be in two ways; Cosplay Token COT) and Cure Player Coin (CPC) will be distributed during the Initial Coin Offering (ICO). COT will serve as Utility Token in CW ecosystem and will have two basic functions in consequence including payment vis-à-vis basic currency for trades within CW and ‘reserves’ employed to be utilized as reserve for token newly issued by Player and will function to secure CPCs’ values.
If you take time to study the ‘White Paper’ downloaded at https://ico.curecos.com/documents/Cure-Whitepaper_EN_V1.1.pdf?t=1517614775b, you will agree with me that the project is a huge one, thus cannot be achieved singlehandedly. To bring in more investors into the project and accomplish core objectives of the platform, ICO is out on offer to the general public. Details of ICO are contained in the diagram that proceeds.

The next illustration provides an idea of the funds and how it will be allotted during and after the ICO.

ICO is scheduled to start from the 1st of March, 2018 (4:00 GMT) and will elapse on the 31st March, 2018 (14:50 GMT).
To get tokens, visit https://ico.curecos.com/?lang=en. You can also connect with the platform through its social media community, log on to;

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