Let me tell you something sad. Did you know that over 8.5 million people die unnecessarily from cardiovascular disease, stroke and hypertension each year? Food for thought! Have you ever imagined the number of people in the world who fall sick yearly? How about the total amount of money spent annually by patients in seek of better health? The thing is this, the medical industry generated $321.0 billion as far back as 2012 and this figure is never declining each passing year according to a cool reliable source. That’s not all. Even the annual pharmaceutical drugs development budget in the US is $153 billion dollars per year.
Now here is the deal. How about you play a significant role in the massive reduction of this global plague and simultaneously tap your own part of this massive global budget? To enable such a move is MEDICHAIN. Let’s go to https://docs.google.com/document/d/1M4j-ertE4Couj0tdVzNQeE_y3YgXZbJXAafiPO_v5C8/mobilebasic.
MEDICHAIN is the product of many years of experience, research and hard work. MediChain is a Medical Big-Data Platform whose proposed system allows patients to store their own data off-chain in an appropriate geographic domain, and give access to doctors and specialists anywhere, regardless of the payer network or EMR used. Patients, doctors, and hospitals could put data into a compliant cloud which becomes part of the MediChain ecosystem. http://www.medicoinico.com tells alot.
The whole idea behind MEDICHAIN is simply creating a platform for the registration of patients’ data which can be accessed unlimitedly by him/her or any hospital or body which he or she gives the consent to extract such medicine. But here’s the thing! “Nothing goes for nothing” as they say. Hence, as the data are being accessed by third parties subject to permission, the platform has made it a reality for people to be monetized or paid for having to give our their data though in an anonymous format.
To achieve high goals like this, a team of only refined minds is already on ground doing the needful for a growth. In furtherance of that, Dr Mark Baker, Oxford PhD, Cancer scientist & Big Data specialist with over 50 million people using systems that he has already developed is a member of the team too. How better can it get?
To every great plan which has to be achieved, there must be a corresponding amazing plan. For the MediCoin settlement, Working from our existing demonstrator, MediChain system will be developed on an Ethereum framework with offchain data stored in secure clouds in appropriate regions. It will initially be launched in collaboration with a number of medical specialities such as epilepsy and rheumatology and specific diagnostic devices. The next phase will be building up the chain data warehouse through an open access API and medical partnerships. MediChain will then be made publically available through the API and through partners for data acquisition. Believe me, this is kinda confusing with some blockchain talk. To make it a little bit clearer, see https://docs.google.com/document/d/1M4j-ertE4Couj0tdVzNQeE_y3YgXZbJXAafiPO_v5C8/mobilebasic.
For the sale of tokens, it is important to note that the MDC shall be the official currency of the platform. He

To buy MCN tokens or get more details that will sway you to believe more information this platform, please visit http://www.medicoinico.com. Presto! Time is almost up for you to grab a chance into the next cryptoocurrency that is set to change the world’s economy. Spread the good news.
Meet the bosses around here.
1. Dr Mark Baker- CEO
2. Dr Nicolas Roydon Smoll – Medical Doctor, Epidemiologist/Big Data Analyst.
3. Ron Cafferky – Electronic Health Records Specialist
4. Boris Shevchenko: Ethereum Engineer & Web Developer
5. Samuel Dare: Blockchain Engineer

For further information please visit;

Official Website: https://medichain.online/

Official Whitepaper: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1M4j-ertE4Couj0tdVzNQeE_y3YgXZbJXAafiPO_v5C8/edit

Telegram: https://t.me/smauni_bounty

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