Think Gas Files for Future Plan of data storage and security assurance

Imaging a situation whereby, varieties of data will be stored without considering the size and security measures. This is the level by which Gas File storage is organizing. It is pretty much safe to say that the Blockchain has been one of the most innovative and intriguing technological advancements in the last 50 years. It’s been observed that Digital Storage has gradually become the most fastest and reliable means of storing data in our present day of 21st Century, this enhances the possibilities of storing data of any stipulated size without limitation nor security challenges. As to compare with the current usage and management. There are also various security concerns. A photographer or videographer who turnover 200gb+ files per day cannot store all their files securely on current cloud storage platforms. There it’s high time for Gas Files to change the mood and performance of the industry to push out and eliminate those limitation arising from the storage of data and their security measures.
Gas Files will be a game changer!!! Our private and secure network means that you will never have to worry about losing a file or someone getting their hands on it and accessing your private information. Our technology ensures unlimited possibilities and an unlimited data storage solution!
We know the power behind what we are creating at Gas Files and know our future is going to be huge!!!
To get involved, please follow the procedures to complete the task
It very simple and reliable to join, A user will sign up to the platform with a secure identifier with 2FA (2 factor authorization) much like you would at The user now has access to the Gas Files blockchain. In doing this the user is to compress and store the file in hexadecimal format, which is encrypted and the hash is sent to the Blockchain and stored securely. There is a 32mb size limit per block so once and sent to the network. Once the file is stored on the secure Blockchain it can easily be converted back to its original form and saved to the destination of the user’s choice: i.e. computer.

Below is the listed procedure Details
1. Login to Gas Files Platform using unique identifier
2. Upload files 3. Files are encrypted
4. Encrypted files are split into shards
5. Audit pre-processing is performed for each shards
6. Shards may be transmitted to the network
Just by the end of this, it’s stored in the blockchain in a well secured mood.

Do you know that the Gas Blockchain enables the possibilities of shearing files between different users on their private blockchain just by the process of clicking this process will be made instantly at less stress with the option provided for notifying it publicly and in a private mood. Also its operate in a platform without limitations of any kind, such as; File Size, Quality, or number, it will automatically upload just as the same way Crypto currency stones its data in blockchain.

Here is our Token sales
Exchange Rate: 1 GAS = 0.0003 ETH = $0.18 USD
Each GAS token will be priced at 0.0003 ETH, with bonuses on a sliding scale depending on the period of purchase.

The sliding scale bonus is specified as follows:

• 30% Bonus for the first 24 hours
• 20% Bonus for the first week
• 10% Bonus until March 02
There will be no bonus for the final week of the ICO.
Tokens will be transferred once the token sale has ended.

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