Do you know that every day, technology enhances the movement of life, thereby making researches and inventions by which the way of prossessing data, transferring of funds and even as well the way of managing funds via crypto currency. So for this, a platform has been set out known as Akaiito, AKAIITO is a peer to peer platform which uses Cryptocurrency model to build its business. Akaiito is built based on the aim of uniting the following areas. Involved in our day to day transactions: Online Market, Rent (cars and apartments), Services and Online Map. Base for all the deals will be Smart Contract. Currency for payments: AIC token (other crypto currencies can be used as well, they will automatically transferred to AIC token).

The project is making a fundamental plans for the purpose of existence, i.e. https://akaiito.io is making a solid plan for the future in other to reduce the rate of inconveniences in some of our daily activities and transaction for the purpose of transforming the pattern of transactions via cryptocurrency.

We all know what to do with “old” money. Cryptocurrency is in majority of cases just waiting for its own hour of glory in our wallets. We passed to next qualitative level of life, but why we still don’t know how to use resources, which are given to us by this new level? Cryptocurrency is worth to make life of its owners better. AKAIITO is offering you start to use your cryptocurrency same effectively as you are using fiat money from your wallet. Make your life more convenient, use resources, which you have, step up to new level of life: join AKAIITO!

Why Chose Akaiito

There are many reasons why anyone can join this platform

Project AKAIITO is unique. AKAIITO platform will unite in itself all what is necessary for effective and convenient use of cryptocurrencies. Click to see this https://akaiito.io/files/Akaiito_WP_Eng.pdf. No doubt, that there are many good applications around, which are meant to use cryptocurrency in real life. What we want is to have all possible “must have” parts available in distance of only one click. Massive community using one powerful platform – this is our aim and vision.


It enables self-Shopping

Opportunity for reviewing. Every user can influence of reputation of other user by leaving review or score, but only after the deal is closed. Smart Contract will follow interests of both parts of deal. – When buying payment tokens will be booked. – When product is delivered buyer, by scanning QR code, is confirming that he/she got the delivery and deal can be successfully closed. After that tokens are transferred to the seller. This function is guaranteeing purity of the deal.


Also has low commission rate

Commission is only 3%. From those 3%, will be returned for the buyer 1% in AIC’s by system of cash back. So, basically commission is just 2%.


It also enables cash back

Stimulating reward program, when 1% of total purchase amount will be returned to buyer after the deal is closed. Every buyer, who has confirmed the deal and reviewed the seller will get back 1% of total purchase amount. For example: John bought product for 15 AIC. After the deal is ended, John will get back to his wallet 1% of total purchase amount = 0,15 AIC.

Not just that alone, https://akaiito.io is making this platform easier to access thereby creating an application for this platform, and also making it mobile friendly to be accessed anywhere, any time, and with any accessible device available.

Save money, save time, and accumulate much money with just a click by just a clic https://akaiito.io

Join Akaiito, platform of the future, which enables you to use your crypto holdings in normal life.


A/C toke Sales

AIC tokens sale for successful realization of AKAIITO project will be launched sale of AIC tokens. AKAIITO will release 30 million of AIC tokens. For Sale will be released 22.5 million of AIC tokens. The whole amount of tokens sale will be divided into 2 steps: Pre ICO and ICO. During Pre ICO sale will be released 1 million of AIC tokens and during ICO sale will be released 21.5 million of AIC tokens (amount of released AIC tokens will depend on ETH rate). АIC tokens during sale token price will be 0,001 ETH. For 1 ETH can be bought 1000 of AICOINS. Minimal purchase is 0,001 ETH. For realization of the project it is necessary to have from 1000 to 20 000 ETH or equivalent in other cryptocurrencies based on current rate.


Token Descriptions

His exciting moment is approaching: Pre ICO will go Live in couple hours!
Here is some important information for all our friends, who would like to join Akaiito:
Pre ICO will start on 12.02.2018 at 00:00 by UTC +2 and will last 14 days until 25.02.2018 00:00 UTC +2.
Pre ICO bonus for everyone is 60%, so for buying 1 AIC you will get 1.6 AIC.
There will be 2 more bonuses available during Pre ICO: Big Deal Bonus (for big investments) and Friends Bonus (Referral system)

At 00:00 UTC +2 one additional layer will be added to website and when You will start buying tokens, You will be redirected to another page, where You will find all needed information to make Your purchasing as smooth as possible. There will be as well included FAQ focusing only on tokens purchasing questions. Tomorrow 12.02.18 during the day will be added as well video instruction where will be shown on example the process of purchasing.
If you will have any questions about token sale or Akaiito, please, join Akaiito community on Telegram and we will help you: https://telegram.me/akaiito_community
Akaiito core Team is sending greetings to everyone!
On the picture: Sergey — Akaiito Founder, Vlad — Lead Developer, Katja — CEO, Denis — CO-Founder.


For tokens, partnership and registration please click on;

Official website: https://akaiito.io


Official Whitepaper: https: https://akaiito.io/files/Akaiito_WP_Eng.pdf

AnnThread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2804929.0

Or follow us on our social media;
Twitter @ https://twitter.com/OfficialAkaiito

Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/officialakaiito

My Bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=994327

ETH wallet Address: 0x31C19DC0ED9ED434b6b0804C25753ad2CCB582b6

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