Fiancia: A Trading Platform Copy And Crypto Television News Channel

What is Fiancia

Fiancia platform is a revolutionary copy trading platform and the crypto television news channel. A place where more than 3000 currency pairs to trade secrets, a place with business-friendly and innovative terminals by investing in social networking. TV viewers are updated by TV channels to keep them posted on developments in the world of Crypto & Blockchain Technology. You can go through the company’s whitepaper here:

Fiancia platform is a meeting point for Traders and investors to do financial business online;trading cryptocurrency in a more simplified form.

Revolutionary Trading Platform for Copy Trading: Where Trader & Investor can trade online crypto in an interesting and more simpler way by using the social investment strategy of copy trading business.

  • Crypto’s Currency-Only TV Channel: The World’s First News Channel for Hot News, Financial Data 7 All Over currency pairs, Debating Money Market Leaders, blockchain techniques & decentralization. Online on all network and satellite broadcasting equipment.

Fiancia ICO

Start date : March 1, 2018, 13:00 AM
End date : June 15, 2018, 13:00 GMT
Name Token : FIN
Contribute minimum : 0.1 ETH
President of FIN sogioi term Tokens : 60,000,000 FIN

Fiancia Ltd is publicly available to provide FIN at the scheduled time of March 1, 2018, 13:00 GMT. In this regard, the company appointed to accept only within the 3000 aether at the initial stage by issuing 6 million Tokens. Fiancia is aiming to fund a total of 30,000 Ether for the project.

According to commitments and agreements, Fiancia would not accept the donation if and when the 30,000 Thirty-Hardshield was struck. The company has targeted the distribution of FIN marks for percentage as 10% for pre-ICO, 75% for semi-major, 11% for founders, mentors and team members, Especially 4% for bonus programs covered by this process in a holistic way. The company has targeted 6 million sources for FIN prefixes related to Pre-ICO.

Affiliate Plan

Fiancia has plans to introduce affiliate plan to its traders and investors to bring more benefits to them. That way, traders will be offered ways to generate more income and also urge investors that their financial resources are being accumulated with time apart from the day-to-day functions. comprehensive way.

Investors and traders will have the opportunity to join the affiliate program because of 50% stake they will generate from this activity and in this way both Investors and Fiancia itself would enjoy significant benefit at a significant level.

Fiancia’s manager wants the revolution in the crypto world to be in such a way that it could become a source of inspiration, prestige and a symbol of trust and aspirations for valued customers compared to other competitors and vice versa.


Fiancia Team

Fiancia team has experience of decades in the fintech, trading industry & investment banking. We have a team of industry leaders to ensure the success in this projects.


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 All information about the project can found below:


White Paper

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