Stop The Fakes ICO: A Movement Aimed At Detecting Counterfeit And Emancipating Property Rights

The rampancy of counterfeit and infringement of intellectual property rights is disease that has plagued originality and intellectuality.Throughout the decades of mankind has turned to various sources to wipe out the menace but all have proved abortive. However a breakthrough was recorded during the industrial revolution period when companies expand more on advertisement and less on production, all on the bid to create an overt morphological difference between original and fake- what an irony!
What’s “Stop the Fake”?
This is a blockchain -based decentralized service whose focus is to detect counterfeit on one hand and upholds intellectual property rights on the other hand. It is an ethereum smart contract platform- a technology that is created on open source license with a payment system of its framework. Read the the whitepaper here:
Our Objectives:
The objectives of stop the fakes is to establish an entirely transparent and trustworthy system that is capable of transfering data from users to right holders. It is solely our responsibility to create the necessary infrastructure and organize all desiring ones with willing hearts to learn about rights infringement. We ‘ll provide you with the said information irrespective of your geographical location. The technology is also equip with the ability to detect forgery. Hence, this platform promises to improve this social ill through the following namely;
1. Provision of reliable communication system for both consumers and intellectual rights holders.
2. Relieve the consumers from excessive responsibility.
3. Create an opportunity for right holders to reward and incite consumers.
Furthermore with this adventurous platform,offenders would be made to pay more for their criminal practices,this will drastically reduce crime rate within the intellectual property domain.
Beneficiaries of this service:
This ecosystem will facilitate the US digital millennium copyright Act(OMCA) promulgated by its legislative arm. Thus the right holder is one of its major beneficiary. A second group of individual that will benefit from this platform are producers, retailers and brand owners. These will have access to a map of violation that can help them detect and stop the sale of counterfeits rapidly.

Method of Renumeration:
Obviously individuals who avail themselves to detect criminals often times accept the responsibility of such jobs as a selfless service to humanity. However, for “Stop the Fakes”, the payment is charmingly attractive-it is paid through the STF token. After which the earner can convert it to any fiat of his/her choice or cryptocurrency. Note that the security of detectors is guaranteed since they are to use a blockchain and decentralized data storage system.
Suscription Process:
In a digital era like ours, “Stop the Fakes” is purely technological. Thus an App for popular mobile platform is developed for the project. By and large after the initial coin offer(ICO) other developers outside our team shall be involved to expand our team. Again the service is configured to use ASNE CORE- a most user-friendly cross platform in the digital field.
It is assumed that the fight to “Stop the Fakes” is a responsibility for all. Therefore lets give off our time and resources to this all important struggle and emancipate the human society. Join the fight here:

For further Information about ICO please visit;

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