Have to you ever imagined how prone you are to cyber attacks and lack of real privacy? Oh! You thought only celebrities like Justin Bieber, Christiano Ronaldo, Nicki Minaj and the likes of them are the only ones whose privacy isn’t secured? Think again!
Each time you try signing up for a new network and even to purchase an item say an automobile, you feed your data to several systems and these data can easily be gotten online leaving you to the grace and mercy of cyber attackers if such data are not secured and they barely are. Come on, don’t have a face drop, YourBlock cares to block and shield your privacy via data control and security. Let me explain.
YourBlock is a Blockchain based digital filing cabinet, which enables the consumer to securely store, control and manage their data. It combines the security, privacy and scalability of private storage with the data integrity, immutability and accountability of the public Ethereum Blockchain.
On this platform, consumers can request quote without their data leaving the platform. Consumers will be rewarded with discounted products and services, and then be rewarded with YBK tokens for using the platform.
On YourBlock, consumers can interact securely with third parties, take up services, manage paperwork, communicate and record communication https://yourblock.io/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/YourBlock-White-Paper-18-12-2017.pdf is our witness.

A Little More About YourBlock
Simply, YourBlock is a Blockchain based comparison and incentivised personal data storage.
Where the consumer purchases a product or service through YourBlock, YourBlock will seek to charge the service provider a fee. All fees paid by the service provider to YourBlock will be visible to the consumer, and a percentage of the fee will be passed back to the consumer in the form of YBK tokens. This platform will help connect the consumers and service providers securely and transparently. Don’t feel shy to check https://yourblock.io/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/YourBlock-White-Paper-18-12-2017.pdf.
to get deep analysis about this whole package.

It is a well known fact that private individuals pass on data to many organizations every year when completing online information requests, or purchasing products ad services. In Nigeria for instance, jumia, konga etc is a good example.
As organizations increasingly depend on electronic data and computer networks to complete their daily operations, growing pools of personal and financial information are being transferred and stored online. Individuals are increasingly exposed to privacy violation, financial institutions and other organisations as well are also exposed to potentially enormous liability if and when a breach in data security occurs. In the U.S. for example, a report released by Javelin strategy & research, found that $16 billion was stolen from 15.4 million U.S. individuals in 2016 something had to be done about it.
This is where YourBlock now comes in. Now, the solution is to provide the consumer with a safe and secure platform into which they can enter all of their (and their families) personal data, including PDFs, images and emails. Interesting, right!
Subsequently, YourBlock will furnish the consumer with the ability to view quotes for products and services without their data leaving the Blockchain. All business transactions can be done within the consumer own digital filing cabinet. No third party is permitted to hold any of the consumer personal data, they will have to re-request access to the consumer filing cabinet, if required, again with no personal data ever leaving the consumer digital filing cabinet.
YourBlock intends to put consumers in a situation where they have control of their personal data, they have the freewill to choose who they want to engage with and when they want to do so, they have the ability to easily communicate transparently with service provider and to eliminate any confusion surrounding the contract both parties enter into.

YourBlock aims at being the first Blockchain based comparison and incentivised personal data storage platform. It will be a Blockchain digital filing cabinet used by the consumers to store data they use on a daily basis to manage their day to day lives. YourBlock is in consonance with addressing the very need under GDPR, which comes into force May 25th 2018 for secure data protection across Europe and which is in accordance with similar legislation across the rest of the world.
Imagine YourBlock is that drawer at home where you keep all your insurance documents, utility bills, passports, driving license, bank statement, real estate documents etc.
Consumers will have absolute control of their data and they alone can give permissions to third parties.
As consumers complete the onboarding process and verify their KYC (know your costumers) they will be rewarded with a small amount of YBK token. To incetivise the customer, to add more data they will be rewarded with a further small amount of YBK tokens. On completing a purchase with a service/product provider, they will also be rewarded with YBK tokens.

The total YBK tokens being released is 200,000,000 million, they will be used as incentives and rewards on the platform. Envisaging from this, YourBlock may have to actively take part in purchasing YBK tokens on a secondary market in order to meet future demands.
YourBlock will also encourage companies which it have commercial arrangement with to use YBK tokens as a multi-product loyalty reward. YourBlock through Dave and You, aims to generate income through product and service providers paying a fee for the consumer purchase of their service or product on YourBlock Blockchain platform.
YBK tokens will also be used to incentivise the user to keep all of their data up to date as well as that of their family members.
The participants of the YourBlock token sale will be able to use their YBK tokens to make purchases of insurance and utility product.
YourBlock having a view of the consumers bank account (through API’s under PSO2) insurance and utility provider will build up visual money storyboards, given the consumer a quick and easy view of all their spending. It could also help outline where consumers could possibly save money and get a better service.

Financial savings by sharing commission fees earned by YourBlock, through alerts, simple price comparison and smart tracking of spend on services.
Time is being saved and is convenient for the consumer since the consumer only have to maintain a single Blockchain digital filing cabinet.
There is higher data privacy by controlling who and when service providers get access.
The system is transparent.
There is greater chance to get better deals from service providers on their products and services when there are more users on the platform.

Improved consumer data quality.
Automate compliance with the Europeans Union new complex General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and data privacy regulations.
Reduced insurance fraud through the use of automated smart contracts.
Service providers will no longer spend excessive amounts of money on highly secure IT infrastructure.
They will not have to hold their customers personal and sensitive data on their systems.
Insurers will no longer have to pay excessive costs to software houses for the set up and maintenance of their underwriting guides.

The YBK token will be rewarded to the consumer in two stages on the Dave & You platform:
As the consumer inputs their personal data and documents they will be rewarded with YBK tokens.
Once a consumer purchases a service trough Dave & You they will be rewarded with YBK tokens.
The consumer can also spend YBK tokens with Dave & You to increase the discount on the products/services they are purchasing.

YBK Token Sale Terms
YourBlock aims to raise 30 million euros from the token sale. A maximum of 10 million euros will be taken in the pre-sale (although the number of tokens to be issued is variable depending on the discount level).
Given pre sale discount, it is likely that more than 60 million YBK tokens will be required for the total YourBlock token sale. Where more tokens are required they will be taken from the incentive and reward pool.
The incentive and reward pool will be ring fenced. An audit element will be built on the Blockchain that clearly shows the YBK tokens passed to consumers who register on the YourBlock Platform, enter their data correctly and purchase a product on the platform. YourBlock will work closely with an audit partner to achieve this.
Total Token Supply = 200 million YBK tokens.
30% of YBK token sold to public in the token sale
YBK value = 0.50 euros.
Hard cap = 30 million euros.
Soft floor = 5 million euros.

Pre sale date starts: 18th December 2017 – 10 million euros.
Discount on pre sale YBK token up to 40% – lock in periods will apply.
Pre sale date ends: 15th January 2018.
Main sale date starts: 15th January 2018.
Main sale date ends: 26th February 2018.

YourBlock is created on a private data store i.e. Database + Blockchain that will anchor itself to the public Ethereum Blockchain. This helps get the best of both worlds, the data integrity and immutability of the public Blockchain, coupled with the security and scalability of a private data store.

Every contract on the Blockchain has its own exclusive storage that only it can write to. This is known as the contracts state and it is a flexible database which allows you almost unlimited storage space.

YourBlock will attempt to quickly establish itself in the U.K. and then Europe, North America, Asia, Australia, South Africa.
YourBlock as a result of holding a consumers personal data will seek to continue to broaden its service provider’s offerings. Car selling, mortgages, loans, credit cards and others that can use the first phase of consumer personal data storage. It will also develop the service provider platform that allows tradesmen and women an area to quote for building and repair jobs.
YourBlock will work to develop the platform for consumers holding medical and dental records. It will develop links with IOT devices such as connected car, telematics, smart energy meters etc. YourBlock will never ever release any data to third parties either for analysis or market statistics. The data solely belongs to the consumer.

CEO & Founder – Daniel Antcliff: he has over 20 years of experience in the finance and insurance sector. He has a comprehensive knowledge of current and emerging technology, and coupled with his strong project management and leadership skills, he has seen the YourBlcock project go from an idea to a viable business proposal.
CFO – David Antcliff: an experienced practising accountant and a chattered manager.
CMO – Ben Antcliff: Ben has 20 years experience in sales management and development in the commercial sector.
Legal counsel – Peter Young
COM – Rob Mazik
Senior Data Analyst – Mat Brazier
CISO – Matthew Waters
CTO – Simon Hewlett
CIO – Jamie Greenwod
Business Development Manager – Richard Stringer
Marketing Strategist – Richard Earl
And a host of others too numerous to mention.

So what are you waiting for? Go get all you data and information in one singgke file cabinet/data storage platform. YOURBLOCK is the best option to achieve this.
For more info, you can visit the whitepaper @ https://yourblock.io/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/YourBlock-White-Paper-18-12-2017.pdf

For further Information about ICO please visit;

Official Website: https://yourblock.io/

Official Whitepaper: https://yourblock.io/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/YourBlock-White-Paper-18-12-2017.pdf

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