A Community-Oriented Cyber Wealth Management Platform-Swiss Borg.

It is apparent that we are in an age of digitalization and decentralization. By and large when the Banking Industry is X-rayed from that perspective it is observed that this sector of the World’s economy is extremely limited and has nothing or little to be desired. It is doubtless that the financial institutions are operating with obsolete technologies. Besides, Professional wealth management services are kept as exclusive preserve of the elite clients, thereby marginalizing the vast majority of the citizenry. So ,it is open secret that the financial industry can’t confront with reality.
Therefore, there is a growing/urgent need for a community-oriented investment framework. The emergence of Swiss Borg is a timely Intervention. Swiss Borg is here to create a democratic, decentralized and professional ecosystem that will manage our portfolios of Cryptocurrency assets.
What Is Swiss Borg:
This is a cryptographic financial platform that recognizes and respects the fundamental values of blockchain transactions. Swiss Borg is fair to all, it is accessible ,transparent and trurtworthy .
The Aims of Swiss Borg:
Objectively, we are out to create a cyber wealth management platform through a community-centrie approach. Meritocracy and Intelligence is the center of attraction in Swiss Borg ecosystem. We will always ensure investment services is delivered in accordance with the community best interest.
For those who invest with Swiss Borg, will be provided with a transparent, diversified and unbiased source of performance through a competitive fee structure.
In a nutshell, our ambition is to shape the future of wealth management.
The Initial Coin offer (I.C.O)
Apparently, we plan to combine Cryptocurrencys market beta in the index pocket, so that investor’s will have double opportunity diversification. The Swiss Borg Cryptocurrency is crytallion lion token fund .It shall be exhibited at our Token Generation Events (T.G.E) within 2018 .From then on it can be accessed on exchange trading basis.
About 100% of the said token will be distributed to all subscribers with equal discounts. This practice will generate accelerated gain for the investors.
Obviously, when Compared and contract, the weight of Swiss Borg to other highly esteemed Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin ,it is crystally clear that the design of Swiss Borg also known as Minimum Viable Product (M.V.P) is such that can transform the operational architecture of financial services.

Swiss Borg improvised the MPV as an attempt to compile smart contracts that can manage operation of all investment funds more secured and efficient. The entry fee for subscribers is 0.1% of the total amount invested with Swiss Borg. Pls note our MVP code on github:htt;PS//github.com/swiss Borg/sbci-token .
Our team:
Our dream is a sure success, looking at the wealth of experience stock with our managing team and financial advisers.
A team capable of providing innovative wealth management solutions to the swiss Borg community.
We have strong conviction that the approach and stratagem we employed in Hedge Funds that attracted success will not do less in Swiss Borg. After all, understanding and mastering portfolio management is an art that require years of experience. Stated below is a profile of some of our experienced managers:(1) Christopher Diserens: he is skilled on portfolio management, equities, cryptocurrency,private banking and advisory, and has been in practice for over a decade.(2) Ken Yagami; Ken has twenty yrs of experience and above on equity trading and crytocurrency,(3) Jeremy Baumann, he too is skilled on portfolio management,cryptocurrency and equities.
From the foregoing it could be deduced that Swiss Borg back its boast with action.

History has to be written and we have already began. Swiss Borg is intrinsic to the notion of Community built-project. We give priority attention to Community – centric value. Pragmatically, we inform to transform, let the intervention of Swiss Borg restructure your financial life.Join the ICO here:https://swissborg.com/en/

For further Information about ICO please visit;

Official Website:https://swissborg.com/en/

Official Whitepaper: https://swissborg.com/files/swissborg-technical-whitepaper.pdf

Ann Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2161736.0

My Bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=994327

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