Globitex ICO: Linking Digital Currency To Global Trade

    INTRODUCTION: Nowadays, Bitcoin functions as a store of value and medium of exchange. Therefore to enhance its value as a unit of account in global trade, its digitalization needs to be well-founded both technically and economically. Looking at the Bitcoin retrospectively, there is much to be desired. From 2009 till date it has amassed an impressive growth, from an obscure status to a multibillion markets capitalization. Comparatively therefore, money is employed as a unit of account because to its characteristics namely,store of value, medium of exchange etc. Similarly, when any asset is substantially used as a medium of exchange across societies, it’s thus considered a unit of account. This further suggests that the said asset may serve as a numeric standard for pricing goods and services.
THE GLOBITEX PLATFORM: The Globitex is an ecosystem whose aim is to establish Bitcoin as a medium of exchange and world’s numeric standard. Hence the Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies needs corresponding interest rates in order to create a stable capital market as an attempt to improve liquidity and price stability. Most importantly, one of the foremost objective of Globitex is to facilitate Bitcoin usage as an industrial scale medium of exchange. To achieve this status therefore, we proposed that our exchange infrastructure and scaling shall be decentralized. Globitex has stratagized every available resources and effort to actualized that goal.
We will issue GNX utility token on EIP20, nonetheless this was previously known as ERC-20. This will augment our ability to settle traders on the platform. Again, we have plans to organize loyalty programs for our esteemed clients and contributors.
MODE OF SUBSCRIPTION: You can apply through Globitex token sale at The primary purpose of GBX is for settlement of traders in the platform and for loyalty programs. Besides, we offer other company – success related membership programs to reward our clients.
THE GLOBITEX TEAM: The founders are experts in the Bitcoin trading industry. They have worked as a team for years in assets management, primary tradiny, spot trading etc.John Matoris, he’s Globitex chairman. He join the team in in 2015 with an expertise track record on both Bitcoin and commodity market. Other stalwarts includes Liza Aizuplet, Arvis Ermis, Marris Kaneps etc.
The above adventurous team is sure to deliver the Globitex objectives in its entirety.
Conclusion: Thus far, we have semantically and systematically analyzed the intentions of Globitex. We have also explored the business opportunities that come herein,in relation to money markets and commodity trading. These have substantiated the facts that this ecosystem is technically and economically robust to actualize its dreams. Above all, that it has the capacity to accommodate standardized money markets and commodity listings. That GLOBITEX has developed a seeming natural track- a decentralized digital asset to effectively attract relevance on global scale as a medium of exchange as well as a stable unit of account.
We therefore strongly encourage you to invest with Globitex. We’ll promote your digital currency to global trade.
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