Join The Revolution! Is Redefining The Blockchain With The Introduction Of Initial Bounty Offering (IBO).

The world is revolutionizing. Humanity is speedily moving from appendage level of primitivism to a stratum of sophistication engineered by the innovations in the technological industry and advancement of knowledge in science and the society. The banking industry is not left out in this metamorphosis, as it has moved from what it used to be to what it is today with divergent and convergent features and benefits. Old-fashioned financial transactions are becoming outdated. Old models of doing business are being replaced by peer-to-peer sharing financial prudence, empowering end users and individual service suppliers. Blockchain revolutions, originally introduced by Bitcoin, are allowing technology to play the role of old-stylecompacted entities, revolutionizing the internal processes of banks and other financial intermediaries into software code that is reachable by all. Brand loyalty and customers for life are turning to financial autonomy via highly available digital tools all courtesy of Blockchain machineries. Users are turning towards global services which give them seamless admittance to services notwithstanding of their ‘financial status’ in the world without the aggravations and unreachability of traditional establishments. To create a valuable, people-centered and technological-driven ecosystem where investors and participants can interrelate with each other with the usual rigorous processes experienced in the conventional settings that took the bull by the horn and is simplifying the various ways transactions are undertaken anchored on the dogma of the Blockchain.
U.CASH is a blockchain based commercial bionetwork and alphanumeric asset converter system built on the functionality of the Blockchain and powered by cryptocurrency for disbursements of fees, implementation of smart-contracts and supplementary functionality. The platform’smerchandising converters are the ecosystem’soutlets and ATMs.As a future-thinking project, the platform is introducing a new way for people to access global financial services and the digital economy without stress. This first of its-kind biome is building a global network of cash to digital currency conversion locations paired with software which gives users access to financial facilities and digital currencies. The platform is your financial friend and is working tediously to accommodate more investors and participants into this millennium idea. The illustration that follows describes the basic features of the platform, for the purpose of emphasis.

Take extra steps! For the fact that you have devoted the past few minutes to read this piece indicates that you are few cubes close to joining the world’s soon-to-be largest trading platform anchored on the instrumentality of the Blockchain. Get detailed and comprehensive background of the platform as well as technical and legal implications; download ‘White Paper’ at
As an ecosystem that upholds the tenets of the Blockchain, the platform will be fueled by the usage of token, which allow investors and participants take active parts in the project and help meet outlined objectives. As a corollary, the token that will be employed to interrelate and interconnect with each other within the circumference of the platform will be the U.CASH tokens. With the introduction of the U.CASH platform the developers of the platform will introduce the world’s first Initial Bounty Offering (IBO).The platform is offering the preponderance of network access tokens to users through a bounty program, so that people can get tokens by donating their abilities and time. As a fair process, the platform believes this is a very impartial distribution, where many network benefits will be actualized.Owing UCASH tokens means that you can have access proficiencies on any Blockchain that the platform hasincorporated. This allows the user to transact on the most cost effective and feature capable platform without even knowing it.The illustration that follows shows few benefits of the token.

Total of 21,000,000,000UCASH (21B) has been createdi.e. $113,656,872.71 USD worth of bounties.During IBO8,494,678,441 UCASH will be distributed.During IBO 5,250,000,000 UCASH will be offered to forever Post-IBO bounties. Future IBO has been created alongside. Future IBO fund of3,244,678 UCASH is set aside. 80.88% of UCASH will be distributed via bounty, other 19.12% allocated internally over a period.

IBO is LIVE now! Why wait when the whole world is signing up on per second billing? Join IBO, click or simply go social with the platform through;

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