Benebit: The Currency With A Propensity To Attract Customers’ Loyalty.

There is always a challenge at the instance of cashback and loyalty rewards between business and consumers. By and large, the online marketplace with Benebit as the currency creates a smooth and hitch-free process.Doubtless, it is because Benebit is not restricted by boarders nor regulatory bodies.
Thus, customers employ cashback and loyalty programs to save money on every purchase embarked upon. Apparently, this amazing opportunity suffers defect when it is time to claim the rewards. At some point excessive time is wasted before getting these claims. A third complexity created in the cashback and loyalty programs is that the so earned cash is not liquid per say.
The objective of Benebit
It is established with the objective of revolutionalizing the world of cashback and loyalty programs through a block chain technology. This is because the program is gathering high momentum the world over. Hence, Benebit will serve as a bridge between business and consumers. Therefore, the cashback offered by Benebit will to a large extent embrace features that are easy to understand, fast, efficient and secure. Benebit conceptualizes a global cash for easy conversion into customers local money and of course guarantees customers retention.Read about the ICO on the Whitepaper:
The Initial Coin Offer;(ICO)
It is estimated that the cashback and loyalty management market will grow astronomical from 1.68 billion USD in 2016 to 4.59 billion USD in 2021.
The idea behind the scene is to create a better customer-merchant relationship by facilitating consumers through incentives. In any case, statistics reveal that the program is suffering from certain setbacks despite its huge market size. But then a question that lingers around our informed imagination is:
Are there newly introduced programs to boost the market? The answer is obviously no. The market seem to be one step forward and two steps backward because customers’ satisfaction is not guaranteed. Consequently, Benebit has overtime embarked upon an analytic study of why customers abandoned their rewards. Besides, the program does not guaranteed rewards that meet their interest and tastes. Given the above, Benebit intervention is redeeming in that it eliminate the process of long wait and provides subscribers with cryptocurrency that can be used instantly at the point of sale. Additionally, it provides a means to transfer the gift feature into Benebit Token for easier transfer into other accounts. Its cryptocurrency is BNE.
The Benebit Team
A renowned proverb States that “tell me your friend and I tell you who you are” The truism of the above proverb could be attested to through a consideration of the stalwarts in the Benebit team: the chief executive officer (CEO) of Benebit is John Laverty, an entrepreneur and block chain enthusiast.A business strategist and consultant. Laverty is an authority in cryptocurrency technologist in the financial institutions.
Another integrity member of the team is Howard Sharp with fifteen years of experience on software development. He is CTO and co founder of the team.Howard is skilled technically on micro controll programming. He is both a coach and mentor.
Ian Livingston COO of Benebit is a versatile personality on both finance and project management. Livingstone has worked with organizations of this magnitude namely; Oracle, Vodafone, etc.The list of team members is too much to be recounted in this space.

Benebit is a global cashback and loyalty programs that aimed at bringing positive changes to traditional practices of cashback and loyalty programs. Hence, with Benebit, you can exchange any major cryptocurrency or fiat money with its token at the same exchange rate. Why not try to shop your favorite brand anywhere in the world with Benebit token, here we bring all together in one network.Join here:

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