One thing is certain! It’s either you have a job that gives you money or you are looking for one. If you do not fall into any of these categories then I’m not sure reading this article will excite or interest you, believe me! But if you have a job and you are looking forward to improving it or in search of other means of income, then let’s ride!
A greater population of the world is constituted by young and vibrant youths who form a good percentage of the labour force. There persons mostly are energetic and can burn a lot of joules perfecting duties. Due to the education revolution that has made many appreciate the beauty of the renaissance of the mind, a majority of these young people go to colleges, universities and other institutions to develop themselves. But there is a challenge. The jobs available do not equate the number of qualified persons on ground; for the latter greatly surpasses the former.
This is like a phenomenon that is experienced almost all over the world, with minimal exceptions in very developed economies. This has made persons capable of being in the labour market to delve into self-education and self-employment in order to aid their situation. This has helped to an extent, but it still needs deep modifications because being your own boss doesn’t mean being your own client too. Hence, customers who need your service must contact you before you can display the skills you are made up of.
What then happens if you have no platform to adequately advertise yourself and the skills you have got? Someone might suggest “How about LinkedIn, doesn’t it help out”? It tries but it is not developed enough to handle new challenges that have been arising. It is on this note that I gladly introduce to you, JUBS- the Decentralized Platform for Service Seekers and Service Providers. This network is being ran and lubricated by HONORS. And for the sake of emphasis, this service is clearly available in South America only for now. With time, this revolution will cover the earth. See https://s3-sa-east-1.amazonaws.com/appjubs/HONOR+-+WHITEPAPER+1.2+-+EN-US.pdf for the complete beautiful framework.
To efficiently understand the modus operandi of HONOR, it is very imperative that the whole JUBS concept be digested first. JUBS Tecnologia em Serviços LTDA is a Brazilian startup company idealized in 2015, selected by the largest accelerator in Brazil – Inovativa Brasil – among the 300 most innovative Brazilian startup companies in 2017.
JUBS was released in its version 1.0 in the form of a services marketplace application after extensive market research and product validation. Throughout the process, it has established solid partnerships with companies like Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook, and today undergoes a strategic transition of decentralization, migrating from the competitive business model to the cooperative.
The JUBS platform initially emerged as a solution for anyone needing professional help to complete a task or perform a service, be able to find reliable people among your network of friends and region, bringing the process of contracting offline services to the technological environment, with a focus on needs of the average user.
With the beautiful advent of the Ethereum blockchain technology, JUBS is banking on this development by upgrading how things work around and also by introducing the new-age money; cryptocurrency. HONORS is that cryptocurrency that is used to run the JUBS platform and lubricate the financial transactions around. That was easy to understand right? Seehttps://s3-sa-east-1.amazonaws.com/appjubs/HONOR+-+WHITEPAPER+1.2+-+EN-US.pdf for more mind-blowing facts. Now let’s go deeper. Unemployment is a huge scare to almost every country of the world as the number of capable hands constituting the labour force now outnumbers the number of jobs available. Throughout Latin America, the lack of jobs has contributed to the significant growth of the enrollment of young workers in the autonomous labor market.
According to the latest report of the Ibero-American Youth Organization (OIJ), there are over 157 million millennials in Latin America. By 2020, 50% of the world’s labor force will be millennial and five years later, that volume will increase up to 75%. Today, the unemployment rate among young people is three times higher than the rate among adults. Only in Brazil, there are more than 30 million people who provide services in their homes or in third parties homes, which made the sector responsible for 10% of the Brazilian GDP in 2016, or approximately US $ 40 billion a year. Sounds like a good space to invest in right?
JUBS is more like a classical network that matches service seekers and service providers at a reasonable fee. JUBS is as useful and promising as the best football team in the world. You decide which is! Here is a set of pictures to prove my point.

Stress on the part of the Service Seeker

Stress on the part of the Service Provider

Everyone is relieved of the stress and suspicion/distrust.

It is worthy to note that payment for services on this platform can be made using;

If any dispute should arise after service deliver or at any stage of business between the seeker and provider of service, they do not need to go to the conventional courts in the society as this will consume colossal time, resources to hire an attorney and even huge money to be spent on transportation if the two parties live in distant parts of the country. JUBS has gotten this matter resolved as it has built an in-house mechnism to resolve disputes between parties. Also in the spirit of fair hearing, provisions for appeals have been made too. “Can it get any better”?
Here is what it looks like in photography form.

The HONOR cryptocurrency (HNR) is the major financial instrument of transaction on the JUBS platform. Sale of it during the ICO campaign shall begin in 2018. The HONOR cryptocurrency (HNR) will be distributed at a ratio of HNR per 1 ETH to participants – based on the daily rate – in the initial contribution period, which is beginning on January 15th, 2018. The initial contribution period will be run for 4 weeks or in less than 24 hours if the 15M USD ceiling is reached (described on page 22).
See https://s3-sa-east-1.amazonaws.com/appjubs/HONOR+-+WHITEPAPER+1.2+-+EN-US.pdf for purchase and more details about the sale of the token. Don’t fail to put your money where your heart has faith in: https://honor.appjubs.com/

For further Information about ICO please visit;

Official Website: https://honor.appjubs.com/

Official Whitepaper: https://s3-sa-east-1.amazonaws.com/appjubs/HONOR+-+WHITEPAPER+1.2+-+EN-US.pdf

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