Aurora Idex ICO:A Decentralized Financial Institution Utilizing Distributed Computing and the Ethereum Network.

AURORA is a suit of dapps and protocol that together comprise a fully decentralized and autonomous banking and finance platform.

AURORA is a platform to recreate and improve upon the existing financial ecosystem in a decentralized fashion.
This platform offers a stable private, and open financial system to anyone in the world regardless of geographic location, class status, or privacy preferences.

A cryptocurrency bank (Decentralized Capital) and a financial exchange (IDEX) is AURORA primary component which work together to offer the same financial services of the modern world.

AURORA is a collection of Ethereum applications and protocols that together create a decentralized banking and financial platform.
AURORA’S own stable currency, the Boreal is backed by a combination of cryptocurrency reserves and debt, and is available to customers via loans based on their digital media economic reputation.

Decentralized capital is a decentralized bank that provides loans to customers in the form of a new stable coin, Boreal’s.
Decentralized capital will engage in a number of different activities analogous to open market operations with the ultimate goal of Boreal, price stability and also in profit maximization.

BOREALS (BRL) is a price stable decentralized cryptocurrency built on the Ethereum block chain.
BRL supply is carefully managed by Decentralized capital in other to match it with demand and maintain price stability originally assessed by keeping parity with USD and over time transitioning to a basket of goods and commodities.

• You must first apply through Decentralized capital. Once approved, the Boreal loan borrower is issued their Boreal’s and with a repayment schedule.
The borrower can then use the Boreal’s directly to purchase products and services on the Ethereum network, or sell them on the open market for other cryptocurrency.

The blockchain provides AURORA with some unique properties that make it ideasl.
° Open: The Ethereum network, and by extension Boreal’s is open to any consumer who has access to the internet, and ensuring that the project is not hampered due to government intervention.
° Counterfeit Protection: All previous free banking systems utilized physical currency and resources had to be spent to prevent counterfeiting. The blockchain eliminates this risk, as only Decentralized csapitsl can mint authentic Boireal assets.
° Auditability: The block chain provides an immutable record of transaction history. This information allows consumers to access the health of the ecosystem by analyzing the supply of and demand for Boreal’s.
° Low Distribution Cost: Block chain assets can be spent anywhere in the world for fractions of a penny. This makes it easier for AURORA to distribute the currency, four consumers and businesses to spend it.

AURORA has its own native network token, AURA, that aligns the interests of AURORA and snow globe operators.

Free banking is rooted in the berlief that private actors can provide a better more stable currency than that provided by the government.
A Free banking system allows for private enterprises to match currency supply with demand. This banking system can eliminate the moral hazard created by central banks operating as a lender of last resort.
In this banking (FREE BANKING), each bank is responsible for its own solvency and required to hold adequate reserves to ensure it is able to meet all of the withdrawal demand.

Snowglobe is a protocol for high performance EVM compatibly, decentralized child chain exchanges. The snowglobe allows for all exchanges or the network to share liquidity in one order book while maintaining their high performance characteristics.


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