Lala World ICO: Creating A Truely Financial Blockchain To Alleviate The Sufferings Of Poor Migrant Families

 Introduction: The LALA world is an ecosystem instituted to Carter for over 2.5 billion poor people worldwide who are denied the opportunity for Free movement especially in search of greener pastures outside their mother land. As the nomenclature Implies LALA as a word lifts its etymology from Happy. The intentions of its co-founders is to create financial freedom,financial happiness and accessibility to the underprivileged. Both large and small financial organizations as well as individual financiers could hardly imagine the limitations faced by the poor poor ones of mankind.Hence the resultant effects has been enormous ; doubtless their poverty horizons has continued to widen.Furthermore this financial darkness subjects a good number of its victims to corrupt practices such as crime, human trafficking, all on the bid to survive.

THE INITIAL COIN OFFERING (I C O ):The LALA world popularly termed ‘LALA’ is a decentralized financial ecosystem that is prepared to include communities at grassroot levels solving their money challenges with the use of temporary technology that brings everyone together. Thus, with the LALA wallet platform, people’s access to money and it’s associated products like insurance, and other banking products shall be revamped. The aforesaid is more or less a monumental task indeed. Therefore, we have sought partnerships across borders so as to make the platform robust. Thus far we have developed an ETH and hyper ledger base domestic and across board financial system (LALA transfer) with the aid of highly qualified block chain developers. LALA advances its financial philosophies through smart contracts embedded into transactions that simplify procurement, negotiations and verification. Again ,we will focus on accelerating human capital investments such as health, education, security etc. This will willy nilly improve the economic stability of Africa. LALA is prepared to collect 150.000 Etherium within the said period beginning from November 25th. Secondly, the platform is open for both individuals and group’s participation. Thirdly, it welcomes ETH, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

THE LALA TEAM: Shonkolp Shangri is the think tank of LALA world.He was banker and entrepreneur at heart, an author, a prolific speaker etc. A significant personality in banks and other allied organizations -he becomes the chief executive officer (C E O) of LALA. Juri Kopytko is the chief technical officer of the project. He is prolific per excellence in computer programs. Juri is the architect in-chief behind the LALA project integration. Infact Juri is tagged a technical genius in some quarters. Another major figure in the LALA team is Niti Shatia, a man with twenty years experience in the capital market. Niti is head of strategic partnership, very honest and trustworthy in capital markets. The web application is something that should not be treated with ignominy since the success of the project solely depends on digits. Vivek Kumar is a manager per excellence on android and other variety of I O S applications. Thus Vivek Kumar is the A V P technologist of LALA.

WHY INVEST WITH LALA: The advantages of subscribing to this platform far out weighs any doubt one may likely entertain .For instance, the pre I C O participation attracts a loyalty bonus for all initial investors. Again, for those who purchase a minimum of 50 Etherium and above tokens will get an exclusive LALA kit when the project is fully launched in 2018. Too, these will have the grandiose opportunity of nominating a charity project of their choice. Above all, there is a discount award for every LALA wallet.

CONCLUSION: As the LALA vision undertakes to create wealth for poor and at the same time present investment opportunity for business minded individuals, we strongly solicit that it is the course of wisdom to embrace it.

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