Day: February 10, 2018


Hi there, have you ever imagined a world where roaming is not involved in SIM
switching and switching of mobile profiles of SIMs can be as easy as riding a bike,
well, all thanks to bubbletone all these are now possible .
I know that’s a funny name but the name implies that it makes Sim card switching
as easy as blowing bubbles. I know the question that will be going through your mind is:

Well, bubbletone is an app created by a telecom company with 20 years experience in the telecom business. Bubbletone is an app that makes life easier and more fun by performing a multiplicity of tasks, with the chief of them being the ability of the app allowing one to swap the mobile profile of his or her SIM while retaining the mobile number if the sim. It is as if you bought a new SIM card and inserted into your mobile phone, isn’t it amazing.
Also, bubbletone helps to eliminate roaming. Roaming is used when a mobile phone is used outside of the range of its home network and connects to another available cell network. Bubbletone simply connects the client and the operator and also creates a smart contract where both parties will sign and data about the transaction is stored. All this is done by the introduction of blockchain into telecom.
Also through the elimination of roaming, bubbletone also removes other problems like transaction error, leak of security, traffic and even making the process faster. Interesting right, for more information please visit our white paper at



Virtually all parties benefits from bubbletone operations, the clients benefit by spending less and also saving time, the operators also benefit from the process. Bubbletone solves problems which cuts across the fields of regional carriers, subscribers, crypto miners, to mention but a few. Visit to get a detailed proof.


The blockchain is planned to graphene framework and proof-of-importance consensus.
There are two types of tokens used in bubbletone. The first is stable and is equals 1 SDR(special drawing rights) and is called SDRT(SDR tokens). It is the unit of payment given to providers for the service. To be involved bubbletone, SDRT must be purchased and it is unlimited.
The second is UMT (universal mobile token), which is used in creating smart contracts.
UMT can be purchased by making payments with fiat currencies, crypto currencies or SDRT through the gateway inside the bubbletone platform. For more information please visit our site @


Yuri Morozov-founder of 4 active telecom companies with $50m annual revenue
Oleg Praudin-Telecom visionary, founder of 3 start-up in USA, China and Russia
Sergei Ivanov – CEO of “Allio Incognito” (mobile virtual network operator)
Stephen Gershuni – blockchain expert, co-founder @block notary
Sergey Sevantsyan- blockchain advisor, ICO supervisor


Pre-sale starts 24-10-2017 and ends on 20-01-2018

Pre-ICO from 20-01-2018 to 15-02-2018
Start price of UMT token at Pre-ICO is expected to be 0.42 US Dollars.

ICO is scheduled to hold from the 20th of March, 2018 and run till May 2018.
A special early bid price of 0.5 USD every 5 days till 1 USD so you better hurry.
We also accept Ethereum and BTW.


So, what are you waiting for? The earlier you start, the cheaper and better it is for you. Download the bubbletone app from the Google playstore or the IOS store or better still visit our site @


For futher information about ICO please visit;

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