Fiancia Platform: A Revolutionary Global Platform for Copy Trading Online.


At a time it became so vital over the relativity of traders all over the globe, so for this, an idea for the introduction of a platform to secure platform which can help them to join hands at the global level. Keeping in view all of needs and expectations of traders and other prospective investor’s management.

This brought to the introduction of this platform known as Fiancia.

Fiancia is A Revolutionary Global Platform for Copy Trading.  An estimated number of cryptocurrency of about more than 3000, pairs to trade at one place with user friendly & innovative trading terminal, where Traders & Investors can trade crypto currencies online in a simple transparent and more enjoyable way by using social network investment strategies of copy trading.


Fiancia Ltd  has considered various aspects in relation to cryptocurrency.  Fiancia Ltd also  offering TV channel having the presence online across the globe which will inform news, financial information pertaining to cryptocurrency, views of strong and established cryptocurrency leaders and apart from that in particular advanced technological news related to blockchain and decentralized system prevailing for the cryptocurrency. It is imperative to mention here the fact that presence of an online decentralized mechanism for crypto traders will include aspects related to safety, thereby making provision for an adequate security level, in order to operate in a safer mood so as to secure the informants of traders.

Fiancia aim and Objectives

The company aims at  introducing FIN token which will allow the real-time point of sale transactions and such token will be interlinked with trader’s private cryptocurrency wallets.

Fiancia Limited is looking forward to launching a special TV channel dedicated to cryptocurrencies. This Fiancia introduced a fully controlled, reliable and user-friendly copy trading system that can cover at the maximum their business needs and level of expectations .The growing impact of crypto trade across the corners of the world is enormous and such aspect has brought attention of Fiancia in a very effective and profound manner.

Why Chose Fiancia Limited

There are many benefits of choosing this platform, these include, the use of the platform helps in  managing all the transaction and store the record in the network; necessarily it is designed for excluding the need of “trusted third party”, Blockchain is attempting to solve is, first to do the transfer of money without a trusted entity so people can talk with each other and, second to do it faster or may be immediately transfer and, third to do it cheaper than the fee the third party collects.


Investors will also be able to pocket hefty profits and returns owing to advent of such prolific and unique system having access to more than 3000 crypto currencies at large

The terminal will provide opportunity to investors to benefit from experiences of most skilled and competent traders and in this manner achievement of aims and objectives become comfortable and effective

Courtesy of the standard design of the terminals risk for investors are controlled in order to avoid any potential loss and the management of the risk at a click just because of the standard way the terminal was built using technical tools like PHA, HACCP and FTA.

Easy control and facilitation in terms of personal control regarding trading in crypto currency A social network connection where all stakeholders and groups in particular investors and traders can share their views, news and suggestions for collective interests and also building of sound linkage among all of the relevant parties and entities.

Assurance of fast Withdrawal Processing system at terminal by using Fiancia Visa Cards, Merchants and Bank wire without any consideration of limits.

The use of this platform guarantees traders the ability of making massive profit, order than any other related online terminal.

State of the art channel would be one of its kind. The internet has changed the world in so many ways that we can’t even count. Every time when it appears that internet has reached to its pinnacle a new technology appears to stun the world and cryptocurrency is one of them

Aim and Vision of Fiancia

Due to the high measure of the importance of Financial Ltd is of the view to expand its market base across the corners of the world and in view of it, management wants to present organization in a more reliable and sophisticated manner towards potential traders and investors so that in the long run all can collectively benefit from each other. Under social trading network scheme of the organization, traders will be able to provide benefit to investors owing to their skills. Investors always remain reluctant in terms of ongoing profits and sustainable business growth and traders target profits and credibility among business circles and those who wish to ensure global presence under crypto trade and other online functions.

Fiancia Limited is looking forward to launching a special TV channel dedicated to cryptocurrencies, aiming at being the most efficient, reliable, and authentic, accurate and trusted TV channel in the world.

Visit our white paper for more details

This TV channel would be to keep viewers updated with recent happenings in the world of cryptocurrencies.


Publically Fiancia Ltd aims to offer FIN coins at specified date of 1st March 2018 13:00 GMT. In this regard company has targeted accepting only up to the extent of 3000 Ether at initial stage by issuing 6 Million Tokens. Fiancia is targeting the funds of total 30,000 Ether for the project. Fiancia as per its commitment and agreement will not accept contributions as and when threshold of 30,000 Ether Hard cap has been hit. Company has targeted distribution of FIN tokens in terms of percentage like 10% for Pre-ICO phase, 75% related to main sale, 11% for founders, advisors and team members present therein and in particular 4% for bounty programs to be covered under such process in a comprehensive manner. Company has targeted 6 million FIN token supplies in relation to Pre-ICO.

Fine token will grow base on the following facts

  1. Based on acquisition of large number of participants on our platform the value of FIN token will grow by charging platform commissions.
  2. TV channel subscriptions, paid contents, advertisements and sponsors will help FIN token value to grow.

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