CryptoTickets ICO: An Innovative Platform For Event Ticket Management.

  CryptoTicket platform is a secure, transparent blockchain ecosystem for the event ticket vending industry that helps organizers manage the entire ticket lifecycle while avoiding fraud. Crypto Tickets is a new standard in the entertainment industry: distribution of tickets with automatic billing, minimal costs, no counterfeiting, with clear rules of the game. The main task of the project is to create a blockchain platform that can be used by the global ticket industry to solve major market issues, such as fake tickets and an unmanageable secondary market. We live in a time of rapid technological progress. Analog media has been replaced by CDs and DVDs and later converted into encrypted digital with built-in intellectual property Protection. Money went from coin and paper to credit cards and now to cryptocurrencies. In both cases,it has been the advent of new technologies and platforms,the next phase in evolution. But what about event tickets? Paper tickets have become e-tickets accessible on electronic devices, but in terms of safety Online ticket bots today make up a significant portion of purchases of primary market tickets.How will it work? The evolution of blockchain technology has allowed to be an ele-gant and liquid solution so that the end user does not have to worry about how it works, they only know that the ticket they have bought is valid and secure. TKT tokens set up intelligent contracts and support transactions within the decentralized system. Every time there is an order for a ticket, the system places an order for the purchase of tokens. The platform automates this real-time conversion, so the typical end user simply buys his event tickets in Fiat currency and will display the ticket in their ticket wallet app on their electronic device.
Instead of competing with established players, offers a technology for the existing and new players. Our team believes that blockchain ticketing platform should be open to all market participants. That’s why designed as a decentralized platform that can be connected to an existing ticketing system provide the customer with the full benefits of Blockchain. puts the entire industry in a new orbit. With paper tickets replaced with electronic, the next step of evolution is a crypto.ticket with a self contained control mechanism (Smart Contract) for sold, resold or-changed and where cash flows can be directed from these activities. Other projects that use Blockchain to varying degrees are designed to manage events and ticketing centrally. For example, to exploit the full potential of KickCity or Aventus,-Customers are forced to abandon their current ticketing solutions:It is hoped that a third-party widget will be embedded on its website and played by others.In return, offers an API that organizers and ticket platforms can use. open their own rules and compete more openly to offer customers more wants to enable a lively secondary market for tickets, decentralized Exchange where participants want to sell their own tickets. For big performances, halter would like to book their tickets for a person who makes the most money within a limited time frame. It is also worth pointing out that the creators of have a wealth of experience in the ticketing industry and in general business at 30 years engagement in the event industry. The current platform, Tickets Cloud, serves 1,000 event organizers and nearly 100 distributors with a monthly turnover of 2 million-Lion USD (as of September 2017) and over 77% annual growth since launch. Tickets Cloud wants to be the first networked ticket platform, which has early acceptance and Trading volume.

Cryptotickets is already running an initial currency offering which started on the 5th of Octorber,2017 and last till 5th November,2017.

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