CHAINIUM is a platform that stand in making/ raise capital to grow.This platform (CHAINIUM) provides solution to the problem of raising capitals for large enterprises and smaller businesses. CHAINIUM offers business owners access to sophisticated tools and techniques of the listed markets for a fraction of the price. For investors, CHAINIUM provides direct access to a huge range of equity offers. It also allows investors and businesses to exchange digital share certificates for fiat or cryptto-currency in a transparent, tamper proof and immutable distributed ledger. CHAINIUM is offering a board new servise for 99% of the companies in the world. We (CHAINIUM) the gap between the old and new economies by simplifying established processes (dividends, general meetings. Shareholder communication) through the power of blockchain technology, allowing everyone to participate and have access to tools and markets that are currently only available to a select few.
CHAINIUM solve most problems like,
¤ Time wasting.
¤ Loss of control.
¤Lack of transparacy: the lack of transparent liquid market puts sellers and buyers at risk.
¤ High Cost: Intermediaries change both investors and business owners excessive fees. Lack of competition, even fron new players like equity crowdfunding platforms, keeps fees high.
¤ Barriers to investing: Access to investments is traditionally controlled by a small number of powerful intermediaries.
¤ Barriers to capital raising whereby many businesses do nott get access to the capital they need to grow.
CHAINIUM is a platform to buy and sell shares. CHAINIUM allows businesses to execute several different corporate activities in a simple, safe and cost-effective manner. In terms of dividends, CHAINIUM allows the business owners to automatically pay out a dividend back to its investors. The investors receives the dividend on a pre-determined ratio (profit per share) to their account. Dividends can be in the form of fiat cash, cryto-currency, an allotment of additional shares or a corporate scheme.
CHAINIUM can automatically calculate and distribute the dividends through a smart contract to allocate the correct amount to each account. One of the benefits CHAINIUM has is that it brings significant bebefits to both investors and business owners by putting them in direct contact with each other without the middle man. CHAINIUM enables businesses to sell shares in a listed or non-listed business using an intuitive online and mobile platform. Also, to sell directtly to investors enabling them to communicate directly and build relationships with investors. The CHX token is the utility token that fuels and runs CHAINIUM. This tokens ties business owners to their investors and protects the entire community from spam and fraudulent offers. Business owners can also use this token to purchase additional value added services. CHAINIUM is not a bank deposit teller or an investment fund. This platform focusses on lending rather than on equity sales.CHAINIUM believes that companies need good providers of botth services and that peer to peer (P2P) is an adjacent rather than a competitive market.
CHAINIUM offers 30% bonuses for early contributors. Voting rights are also an important motivation for investors to purchase a stake in a company. Tthe ability of shareholders to have a say on a strategic direction of the company in which they have invested in an important element of shareholder democracy.
CHAINIUM allows tthe business owners to create a time-limited voting event. Once the proposal is submitted, all investors gets a notification to vote on the resolution with either yes, no or abstain with a pro-rata number of votes in line with their equity stake. The business owner gets a granular feedback on voting results.
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