Did you miss the Bitcoin and Ethereum bus? Don’t worry for you still have another shot to make great wealth from the cryptocurrency fever in town. Since Satoshi Nakamoto “cursed” the world in the early days of January 2009 with his cryptocurrency known as the Bitcoin, nothing has been the same again in the world of global finance and economics. This invention played a significant role in the labour room that gave birth to other cryptocurrencies that were to be made. The love of people for cryptocurrencies changed the way people had envisioned things concerning online finance. This whole new regime of virtual currencies made alot of businesses to sprout up and introduce their own coins too with the aspiration that it will appreciate.
Since the Bitcoin and the Ether were huge success stories, does that mean that every other cryptocurrencies which erupts out of the internet is going to continue with the success trend? Of course not!! This is not to alarm you, but a couple of schemes which have come up are not things to write home about as they end up being flops. Chiefly of the reasons why these platforms fail are lack of patience (this is because they expect the value of their coins to skyrocket to where the Bitcoin immediately after they put them up on trade), poor planning, improper strategies and lack of dedication to subscribers.
Stake Coin is here with already-established plans to defeat these challenges and make subscribers wealthy through mining, staking and lending of cryptos while the company itself makes reasonable profit. Take a peep at https://stakingcoin.com/presale/stakingcoin-whitepaper.pdf to have a full idea of what Stake Coin has in store. Nevertheless, please allow me to give you a quick but comprehensive tour round Stake Coin. (www.stakingcoin.com).

The staking coin is a decentralized peer to peer cryptocurrency developed using Scrypt Proof of Work/Proof of Stake algorithm designed to reward its users via 3 major mechanisms- Staking, Mining and Lending.
By Staking, what is meant is that the platform has designed a staking feature with Staking Coin, that by keeping coins in your wallet, you provide stability and security to the system and you get rewarded with more tokens for doing so. The platform pays you a percentage judging with your minimum balance. The platform credits you with 100% token yearly judging with your minimum balance.
Technically speaking, Mining means the production or creation of new cryptocurrencies using specified devices. Staking Coin can be mined, along with Proof-of-stake (PoS) for maximum network security using Scrypt Proof-of-Work (poW) algorithm. As for the lending, the system is also built in such a way that subscribers who don’t want to get their brains busy and occupied with the stress of staking and mining can simply just lend their Staking Coins to the system and they get paid their stake back with interest on it. The interest is subject to factors like the amount of coins lent and the duration of the lending.
These are all ways a person can amass great wealth from the cryptocurrency world of Staking Coin. But hey! Don’t you care to know the core features of this Staking Coins?
Just take a look at the picture below. Or better still, you can just graciously find more at https://stakingcoin.com/presale/stakingcoin-whitepaper.pdf.

The StakingCoin, which is abbreviated as XTC, shall be the official currency of the platform. There are only 105,000,000 coins in existence with only a third of that in circulation after the ICO. On the 5th of December a presale program was launched to raise $300,000. A program which was a colossal success. The price tags for both the pre-sale and actual ICO campaign are as follows:

Presale Price = 15 XTC per USD
ICO Round1 Price = 7 XTC per USD ICO Round2 Price = 6 XTC per USD
ICO Round3 Price = 5 XTC per USD .
The ICO campaign shall be flagged off by the early part of the First Quarter of 2018. To know more about the token sale, especially with regards to specific dates, persistently check www.stakingcoin.com.

For further Information about ICO please visit;

Official website: https://stakingcoin.com

Official Whitepaper: https://stakingcoin.com/presale/stakingcoin-whitepaper.pdf

Official Twitter:  https://twitter.com/stakingcoin

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