LockChain ICO: Bringing Hospitality And Tourism Industry Together With The BlockChain Technology

The travel and tourism industry will be very useful in the modernization process. Travelers are looking for different ways to gain valuable experience during tours, visits and other travel events for the sake of convenience, safety and comfort. From reliable sources, one of the biggest challenges facing hospitality and the tourism industry so far is the problem of booking hotels and reservations. The hoteliers face the daily challenge of renting rooms, apartments and real estate because they do not have the right channel to reach the right people and tourists, and thus can not reach the outlined goals of the business plan. The world is rapidly becoming a decentralized new schoolhouse, where everyone can relate to each other without the problem of facilitators, resulting in excessive spending and inability to maximize benefits. The other side of the coin is that the industry is getting more expensive every day as hoteliers increase their fees due to the centralized nature of our conventional institutions. The various channels for booking hotel rooms, apartments and real estate are too rigid and do not support the concept of decentralization of the market.

As a blockchain participant, my hotel booking experience was not very interesting because of the centralized nature of the process. However, my expectations came to a halt when I logged into https://lockchain.co/., A decentralized blockchain platform that offers travelers and tourists the opportunity to book apartments, pay travel expenses and get a no-commission ticket to buy. The platform is the first decentralized marketplace in the world where travelers and tourists can meet with hoteliers at no extra logistical cost.
LOCKCHAIN ​​is a platform that has decided to create a better hotel industry by offering lodging, travel and listing services with no fees, unlike other online booking agents. With the decentralized LOC ledger, the platform creates a motor that regulates all transactions between hoteliers and travelers or tourists in a comfortable way without rigorous processes and channels. The platform, built entirely on blockchain-based technology, will operate under the premise of an integrated market front where meaningful transactions can be made and long term goals can be achieved by the hotelier and the traveler or guest. The platform will include, among other things, booking confirmations, booking confirmation policies (immediate or after verification, deposit, release of deposits / refunds at check-out, check-in requests and upgrades, dispute resolution and dispute settlement conditions, deposit deposit). There is also the freemium concept, where anyone can freely access the platform. To achieve the platform’s overall goals, the platform issues ICO to empower the participants. The pre-sale took place in early October, but by October 29, 2017, the platform will launch the token sale of the digital LOC token. The token is limited to a total sale of 32, 000, 000 ETH, with a total supply of 25, 000, 000 million LOC. This implies that 750 LOC equals 1 ETH or equivalent. To get smart contract terms, click https://github.com/LockChainLtd/Smart-Contract .

For further Information about LockChain ICO please visit;

Official Website: https://lockchain.co/

Official Whitepaper: https://lockchain.co/whitepaper_v1.0_ed.pdf

Twitter page: https://twitter.com/LockChainCo
My Bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=994327

ETH WALLET: 0x1B8f0cB0970CbB165D58ADaAe7682929D5CB68D1

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