COINLION: The first cryptocurrency platform with an inbuilt management portfolio.

Introduction: Human society adopts the lion as a symbol of power, trust and stability. This to a large extent accounts for the presence of Lion in the World’s highly regarded currencies. The said practice predates human civilizations. Although times and technology has changed a number of these practices, the pragmatic principle remains unchanged.
Be that as it may, when considering areas of technological improvement, one may not fail to first mention the block chain technology. It is through this medium that digital assets are transacted successfully without the services of a third party. Besides, participants send and receive currencies decentrally. The
said transaction rely on what is contemporarily termed cryptography, ie an encrypt and secured information about the parties concerned and the transaction itself.
Therefore, due the high rate these decentralized applications (DApp) are propping up ,methods of transactions no doubt need to be improved.
For some however, the absence of quality information and easy- to- use tools acts a barrier to enrollment as users. This has created a growing need for trusted application that can tutor regular users to exchange and manage assets digitally with some measure of ease and efficiency.
The CoinLion Platform:
This platform is timely, in that it gives users, the just needed tools to equip them take expertised decisions. At the same time, it gives users the power to learn, grow, build by sharing portfolios strategies and research.
From the foregoing, it could be deduced that coinLion aims at simplifying and enhancing users experience when managing digital assets. So in coinLion, you are empowered to create and share portfolios, strategies, research and lost more.
Technically therefore, coinLion will use the latest technologies,including GO. Each component of the platform will be designed as scalable micro_service and communicate Via APls.
Besides, coinLion uses Docker and other Visualization technologies to allow for quick testing and development of in a controlled manner in each environment through phase development.
Above all, the order of book system in coinLoin will be splitted into two independent yet interconnected block chains. The Algorithm can thus process over a million buy/sell orders and complete the transaction within seconds.
Consequently, coinLion will do away with the challenges facing digital assets management and establish the world’s first cryptocurrency with built_in portfolio.
The initial coin offering (I.C.O)
There is an underwriting which will list new coins to the platform, only those with coinLoin holders will have access to subscribe to this ICO at a certain discount.
CoinLoin will introduce an ecosystem to rewards and incentivizes subscribers to share and create portfolios. The Lion token sales plans to supply a total 500 million LION.(refer to chart: Road Map on from concept to implementation).
The caliber of people within the executives,of coinLoin is something that inspires hope and confidence on prospective subscribers. For instance,Joshua W. Dewitt. He is the chief executive of the company and cofounder. Dewitt is a digital security engineer by profession. He has eight years of experience in this industry.
Another one is Justus luthy .He has bagg twenty five years of experience in software development. We also have Kia Adams, a graphic designer in web applications. Others include; Zack Nathan, Livermont, Zimermem Ian etc. The insightful experiences of these members will contribute to the success of CoinLion. Doubtless, the team is constantly and extensively evaluating all possible methods to enhance the superiority of this platform. Yet we strongly solicit for a decentralised model for a better user experience.
Conclusion: CoinLoin promises to provide an ultimate trading experience. We plan to forward new cryptocurrencies and digital assets as much as there is need for expanded services. Truly, this platform offers you an opportunity to learn, grow and build yourself economically, do not allow this to slip by. Try it now:

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