RouTrip ICO: The Best Travel Trip Planing Platform On The Blockchain.

Traveling is very exciting and adventurous, so proper planning makes the experience exhilarating and stress-free. Everyone wants to visit new places, touring and having a lifelong experience, which makes the tourism industry very lucrative. People want to explore their world and take a look at other parts of the world for other personal reasons. Most of the time is traveling for rest or sightseeing while discovering something. Traveling to another location away from home can be very important to the traveler, so it’s time to pick the best places, hotels, transportation and logistics for such travel. A journey can take you to a place of your dreams that depends on the wishes and desires of the traveler. Therefore, travelers rely on reviews and information emanating from the centralized media sector and most of the time to complete outlined travel plans and goals. not true. The traveler usually relies on the information he has gathered from the experience and guidance of experts, but most of these platforms do not convey the true status of the hotel or the transportation sector. This misleadingly implies the traveler and creates a negative experience in the mind of the traveler. The system has been so abused by fake hotel managers that it attracts travelers and makes big profits at the end of the day, without considering the comfort of their guests and customers. This challenge has led to various research into different ways to improve the system and provide travelers with a more reliable and profitable driving system. Since it is very important for the traveler to travel, there is an opportunity to take stock of the experience gained at the beginning of the transaction. My curiosity led me to a decentralized platform that offers travelers better options and models. The platform was an eye-opener as it will simplify the process and provide defined services for the convenience of the traveler. Routrip is a decentralized blockchain-based cryptocurrency that allows travelers to choose the best of housing, transportation and other services for the comfort of the traveler.The platform is a personal aid to independent travelers without the hitherto stringent processes of choosing places, apartments and other services that travelers have recently experienced. The very versatile software allows travelers to build the best route for their journey. The platform is advantageous because of the constant updating of local travel time, locations, rates and facilities in a single platform without having to visit numerous platforms or institutions before initiating a travel contract. You can also buy tickets on the platform, the best locations, housing conditions and other services chosen at no cost. With the Routrip platform, travel guides are no longer relevant as they direct participants to meaningful information that adds extra thrust to their journey. The Blockchain-based platform also has the advantage of a simple and comfortable CRM. Routrip gives everyone the opportunity to invest in the international travel market due to the simplified and redefined nature of the platform. There are recommendations for the best travel time as well as for the duration anchored on certain parameters. There is an automated insurance model and a smart contract based on blockchain technology. Interesting, right? To receive first-hand information about participation, you can download and study the “White Paper” at In order to achieve the outlook and objectives of the platform, Routrip is exhibiting ICO to enable both travelers and lessors to participate in the platform. The token used in this platform is RTP, which can be exchanged for ETH or BTC. During the ICO, the RTP token is issued at $ 0.0031 per token. The RTP tokens may be used for other purposes, including the payment of hotel bills, transportation, or other services required to make the journey truly a trade route. ICO Pre-Saïe starts on 13.-19. November 2017, ICO will start on December 11, 2017 and will end when the headcap is reached.  To become part of the platform, click The platform is social, so you can connect with other interested participants and find out their perspective (s)

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