FTBCoin ICO: A decentralized Autonomous Blockchain Ecosystem for Investment

Fund management is referred to as asset management, which covers any type of system that maintains the value of a business. It can be applied to intangible assets such as intellectual property, goodwill and financial assets or human capital as well as intangible assets such as real estate. In the financial world, fund management ultimately refers to people as institutions that manage investments on behalf of other investors. Great Britain is one of the world’s leading management centers. The government is anxious to maintain this position and attract more investment management business globally. A combination of long-term commitment, close cooperation and innovation promotion has created favorable conditions for investment in the UK. Therefore, FTB ecosystem will create a highly decentralized autonomous platform that is not controlled by a middleman, creating a way to align the investment and investment industries. FTB can only do that by focusing on CWF asset crypto funds and cloud funds as its solution. They will connect the world’s funds through the introduction of the cryptocurrencies that will act as assets, then the best traditional mutual funds will be connected on a global scale. For cryptocurrency users in the World Stock Exchange, FTB Fund will operate with a coin that can be used to wave in any & crypto currency, euro, election and yuan. This coin is called FTBcoin. Whether you are a small scale business, a start-up business or a hedge fund with offices on every continent of the world, the demand for seamless, efficient IT solutions is consistent. Perhaps more than any other industry, financial firms rely on world-class technology to manage their various operations, including key features such as secure data storage and storage.With fast trading with growing budget and environmental concerns, many financial companies are turning to cloud computing.
Therefore, FTB chooses the cloud fund as one of the features that enables them to succeed with their ambitions. FTB will realize all of its strategic goals through the use of Blockchain technology, which will help connect them to their online users.FTB plans to raise funds through crowding funding. The initial currency offering(ICO) will start on 1st of October, 2017. The price starts at $ 0.0005 and the total FINCOINS supply on the market (pre-sale + ICO) 60% of the total. FINCOIN has earmarked for the team 30% of their total supply if they do not reach the target of $ 300,000 (or their equivalent in crypto).

FTB has a very strong and reliable team of powerful managers who are highly experience in their various fields. The team is made of young enthusiasts of blockchain technology with multidisciplinary skills. They include great people like Ivan Milan(Cofounder/CEO), Luca De Sandro(chief operating officer), Lorenzo Camaione(CTO), Nicola Bellassai(CMO), Gianpaolo O Okesola(international relationship),Marriarita Virgilio(Middle East Relations) and Mariarosaria Andreozzi(China Relations). With the great features associated with FTB platform, investors are encourage to buy FINCOINS during the pre-sale and the main ICO. They can make money at the end of the ICO when the price of the token will soar due to the high demand of the token. This is the greatest financial opportunity of the time. Join FTB  ICO and be wise!

For further information about the FTB ICO please Visit,

Official Website: http://ftb.fund/

Official Whitepaper: http://ftb.fund/themes/bank/whitepaper_ftb_eng.pdf

ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1993049.0

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