EthBook ICO: Crypto Currency Receives An Overwhelming Acceptance

Introduction: The crypto world was alien to majority of people within and outside the  western world some decades ago. By and large, there is all- time peak in interest on the crypto world globally. This is obvious from the number of people recently reported as using several platforms to transact crypto exchange. To a large extent however, there are clear indications that in the near future issues related to money will be conceptualized on cryptocurrency. The above trend can partly be attributed to a circulation of information about a technology with enormous potentials for growth. Before now, how many people were on the know that through the internet, one could store and transfer data? that one also buy and sell currency through this medium? etc. It appears that the public is now awakened to these opportunities.

Trends of Cryptocurrency: As a platform that uses a blockchain technology and personalized token,this ecosystem is purely for transactions, transfers conversion and storage of data. In any case with its attendant opportunities, its now have a serious grip on business-minded hearts.Thus with this peculiar acceptance interest on digital currencies is gaining high momentum.. Another factor that accounts for the high rate of new entrants is the availability of answers to questions raised by those without a pre knowledge of Ethbook. Before now these ones were skeptical of Bitcoin and the technology behind it.

Aims of the EthBook: There exit a sort of organic relationship between the EthBook and eBook in that the EthBook is an eBook store that is stock with several topics on cryptocurrency. The essence of the said connectivity are as follows:

To link new entrants with the legends

Publishers shall upload their work for free in some sessions of the store(eBook)

Buyers can then search, review and purchase those related to subjects of their interest.

The said aims is a story of success because statistics within our disposal proved that they were pursued to an achievable end. ref. to e-Book statistics.

Payment method: Our EthBook decentralized e-Book platform will pay through EBK token. So interested applicants can apply for it through the EthBook store. Again publishers will receive their incentives after a successful sale of an eBook. The tokens can further be withdrawn to any other wallet to be traded on Bitcoin, Ethereum or other currencies.

Team Members: One major secret behind the success of this product is the think Tanks. For instance, Sebastian Lucas is the chief Executive Officer,he is an enviable experienced blockchain technology developer. Along with Lucas we have big names like Garvin Stuart, Giovanni O Brien, Matthew Comrad, Learne Santos etc. The presence of these stalwarts gives us an added strength to trust on the success of this platform.

Conclusion: For a certainty after a meditative analysis of how internet has grown, it is a prudent course to personally take a stake to invest on it. This is because skepticisms relating to cryptocurrency,how and where one can buy them? where do I trade on ? what the history behind  certain coins? How do I cash out a partcular cryptocurrency into fiat, can’t the government seize my coin has been allayed by cryptocurrency technology literacy.

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