Token Pay ICO The Solution To Cryptocurrency Transaction Resistance.

 Introduction: Historically, man’s endeavor to tackle the most intricate concept of human interaction- ‘handling the exchange of value’ has recorded some measure of breakthroughs, ranging from the Asian cowry shell to the ancient kingdom coin and up to modern banknotes and electronic versions of money,this success is attributed to humans’ ingenuity and societal commitments. By and large, Cryptocurrency is here to stay as the next level of money evolution. This Technology-driven form of money is termed ‘ blockchain’. It is completely decentralized, most notable is that it can’t be manipulated and hacked. Within a space of few years, the Cryptocurrency has gained a worldwide acceptance because of its liquidity and legitimacy. However, there are traces of misalignment among the determining forces of metamorphic shift from one currency to another. The said underlining challenge is that our traditional financial institutions and their related governing regulations are not well aligned with Cryptocurrency .There is resistance to it’s usage from interest groups and the likes. It is plausible to state that such resisty has created bottle necks to Cryptocurrency holders so much that they are not benefiting from its corresponding economic value. The only solution comes with the emergence of TokenPay platform. The TokenPay Platform: This thus, is an ecosystem designed to combine the strength of existing banking institutions with the flexibility of Cryptocurrency. Note worthy in this regards about TPay is to create an enabling network that will motivate the exchange of bitcoin, ethereum ,and other forms of Cryptocurrency through fiat. In a nut’s shell, the ideals of TokenPay is to afford clients (investors and Cryptocurrency holders) the ability to facilitate Cryptocurrency to hard assets transactions with a good deal of ease. The Initial Coin Offer (IC O): TokenPay is a block chain and integrated technology that afford users the utmost private, and secure method of conducting transactions and communication. The platform uses a digital wallet to generate TPAY coin rewards.The said reward is distributed to all subscribers of the network. Again, this platform is developed and designed to serve as a settlement to networks transactions. So its a network infrastructure driven entirely with the objective of facilitating growth of decentralized applications. It’s encouraging to hear that all TPAY coin holders can download the wallet free. The platform also plans to set up a new bank charter to enhance international transactions. Such a bank must be fully committed to costumers with Cryptocurrency .It shall also provide an online banking platform when a need arise to shift from one currency to another. The Team: To search and organized digitally- competent has is a fierce endeavour. Yet TokenPay is able to bring the of hands, ranging from funds’ analysts to security expert, digital experts etc together. The team is a crop of big names like Derek Capo, he is the chief executive officer(C E O) Derek is a fund analyst with accumulated experience. Another expert in the crew is Caps Salazar – the C T O of the network. Joseph Pacetti is another competent hand whose contributions is an added advantage to the sure success of the platform. We can not afford to miss mentioning Aaron Tian, he’s the application developer , a professional per excellence in commercial software development. The collective responsibility of these experts is suggestive that the project is a success. Conclusion: As stipulated at the onset, there is resistance to Cryptocurrency transactions as a contemporary store, measure and exchange of value. Consequently, its utility has setbacks . Good enough the emergence of TokenPay is the long awaited Messiah that will soothe utility of all kinds of Cryptocurrency. Therefore, set your feet on the path of big time investment.

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