Energy conversion is the transformation of one form of energy into another or the movement of energy from one place to another.Energy transfers are global phenomena and technocrats are working on various ways to improve the system and make energy available to all sectors of human endeavor. In the same vein, energy transfer and other mechanical interactions have been incorporated into the Blockchain world and people can comfortable interrelate and interexchange with one another without limitations hitherto experienced in the conventional settings. A new technology was created to solve the problem of energy transfer through the usage and instrumentality of the Blockchain.
Node is a world-shattering high-tech start-up, which dislocates a market niche of wireless communication mechanisms for both sequestered and profitable use. The project’s state-of-the-art developments, research activities in the field of stowage and transmission of electricity, allow the ecosystem to deliver solutions that are pigeonholed by high quality and adeptness of use. The diagram that follows shows the products invented by the platform to undertake this herculean but surmountable job, for the purpose of emphasis.

The project is on the final stage of testing of archetype devices and there is two primarily different structures that is being reconnoitered and improved upon by the platform’s scientists to make energy transfer accessible to all and sundry. In a generation of coil or an electric transformer, which have a metal or air core, the energy is transferred by a simple electromagnetic connection called magnetic induction. Using this technique, the transmission and reception of energy became feasible at a considerable distance, but to obtain a significant voltage in this way it was necessary to arrange two coils very close to each other.A magnetic/capacitive resonant coupling is used, where both inductors are tuned to a mutual frequency, so that a considerable amount of energy can be transmitted over a considerable distance.The essence of the promising technology from Node is the imposition of several electromagnetic waves in the form of impulses of different duration and regularity to each other, after which these waves pass through a special ferro electric material and an electromagnetic lens from the structured meta material. The illustration that follows gives a picture of the features of the platform.

The next diagram indicates the different areas the platform will torch in course of improving the way energy is transferred among different people in the world.

Take extra steps, you cannot get all the information just in this one piece, thus to get comprehensive and background details on functionality of the platform, download ‘White Paper’ at and find out for yourself.
The platform will be fueled by the functionality of the token system. The token that will be employed to transact and interconnect on the platform will be the NODE token. 10, 000, 000 NODE tokens have been created at the Pre-ITO (Initial Token Offering) of $1 USD. Pre-ITO started on the 7th of December, 2017 and will elapse on the 7th of January, 2018. ITO propoer will start on 15.02.201812:00 UTC+2 and will end on 15.04.2018. The chart below shows distribution of tokens and allocation of funds after the ITO.

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