PikicioChain ICO: A Decentralized Platform For Effective Information Utilization

Pikciochain platform is a blockchain framework saddled with the duty of putting away, securing, confirming and guaranteeing information to guarantee that information sources have full control of their data consistently. In the event that there is any innovation driven blockchain stage to enter into, it is Pikciochain. Pikciochain is here to serve you superior to some other blockchain ever. Your information uncertainty is finished! . It was established by Didier Collin De Casaubon, an ace holder in science, with 5 years involvement in saving money industry. His colleagues are Fabien Bucamp, a security master, Dr Jorick Lardigau, PhD and host of different experts. Because of the Credibility of the functionalities of this novel blockchain various uber organizations have turned upward with it. Some of them are BNP PARIBAS, JOUVE,Telefonica, P2link, CARDIF and NTT Data. Presently, as an information client or proprietor, what can Pikciochain offer you? Pikciochain offers valid and lawful information to the information clients using the application called PikcioMe. Information proprietors can trade information among themselves and furthermore decide how and who utilize their information utilizing this plateform.
Pikciochain plays out these capacities by working a decentralized structure that permits clients control their information utilization since information is put away in its totally just on their individual gadgets. This business as usual of Pikciochain makes its additionally conceivable that information exchange history can’t be adjusted. The utilization of information is by the full consent of the information proprietor. Substantial scale information robbery is decreased by this stage. PikcioMe empowers the end clients to impart and share information securely with their outsiders. PikcioPro gives organizations a chance to trade their guaranteed information on the Pikcio commercial center. PKC is the taken utilized as a part of executing on the stage. The objectives of this cutting edge blockchain are huge! Pikciochain has diverted its innovation to expelling the negative KYC encounters for customer and friends in monetary administration organizations. Additionally, it is ready to giving affirmed recognizable proof records and restorative information of the clients in the space of seconds amongst foundations and crosswise over national limits.

The ICO Schedule is demonstrated as follows:

ICO begins on 24th November, 2017.

The pre-ICO will keep going for 14 days.

For this situation, a commitment of one Bitcoin will give 6000 PKC in addition to a period subordinate reward in the request: day 1-3 draws in 20%, day 4 to 6, 20%, day 7 to 9, 15%, day 10 to 12, 10% and day 13 to 14, 5%. All is topped at half of offer token. The ICO will keep going for 14 days. Here, 1 bitcoin is proportionate to 6000 PKC in addition to a period subordinate reward. The reward (premium) is circulated along these lines: day 1 to 3 will have 10%, day 4 to 6, 7.5%, day 7 to 9, 5%, day 10-12. 2.5% and 13 to 14, 0%. The objective is 7.5m Euros/7, 657. 238 BTC and time subordinate reward of up to 25%.
Be among the timely risers in light of the fact that the early adopters as business accomplices will get free tokens from the boost supply. Additionally, at join by means of an organization bolstered site may pull in free token to the site proprietor, an accomplice and new client.
Pikciochain’s innovation has no copy anyplace on the planet! You can have full control of your information use and appreciate trust from your information client through Pikciochain! Join PikicioChain and enjoy all its benefits

For further Information about ICO please visit;

Official Website: https://pikciochain.com/en/

Official Whitepaper: https://pikciochain.com/static/records/PikcioChain_Whitepaper_English.pdf

ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2410163

My Bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=994327

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