ASTORGAME: eSport and Online Gambling Platform With Decentralized Games And Sports Betting Using Blockchain, Smart Contracts + Provably Fair

AstorGame is an eSport and online gambling platform that has come to change the eSports and betting world. The AsttorGame platform will enable every entries to be recorded on a blockchain and allow or utilization of smart contracts to manage the logic of the business schedule prize payments, collect payment for tickets, bets, and drawings, and schedule tournaments and outcomes.

AstorGame platform solves the problem of cheat using various technologies by following the rules and that values are not changed by third party.
In addition to been used to conduct transactions such as the placing of some bets and the purchasing of some lottery tickets on the platforms that make up AstorGame will also enable its holders to collect dividends annually. Download whitepaper here:

AstorGame technology paltform offers enjoyment to their clients through quality products and services generating profits.
Our (AstorGame) most objectives are to promote AstorGame on global level, setting ourselves apart through the use of technologies, customer service, and freshness of AstorGames to offer efficiency, speed, security and transparency to all the clients to develop to the fullest extent each of the gamimg sector in which AstorGame will participate, offer varieties of games in differnt categories to secure the inflow of a variety of clients profile, expand the market, offering free courses for bettors on other shared platforms as they might understand how the use of technologies like blockchain and smart contracts benefits them.

eSports are growing exponentially; It is a market that moves millions of dollars annually and can draw millions of spectators to a single match.
This platform also allows two or more opponents to face each other in an online battle for victory.

The AstorGame platform enables players and bettors carryout their transactions by way of web-based application that will let users interact with smart contracts in a safe, transparent, automated and decentralized environment.

This platform will also place bet on wide variety of sporting contests such as football, baseball, basketball, etc. By using smart contracts, we can offer this service tto people throughout the world without needing a third party to confirm bets and make payments and prize transfer.

All over the world, AstorGame is here to provide all of its customers good quality services that is trustworthy, quick and safe.
One of the best way for the use of cryptocurrency is an online gaming, that’s why AstorGame is here to satisfy that need.

Charity events will be generated from the profits that is made annually to help those that are in need and that’s why this platform will be taking out 5% of its profits made annually.
This donations will be selected from the population of extremely poor countries.

Sport bettings has gone global and its fast range of increase is a bit challenging but the AstorGame platform has come to make it easy, safe and complete for everyone to enjoy not only its gaming experience, but also its benefits for your satisfaction. Join the ICO train here:

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