Monetization of Data Through RepuX Protocol

Introduction:There is an existencialism of organic relationship between computers (handsets, Androids, Tablets, Laptops, Desktops etc) and the internet. Data is a force that binds or cements the above mentioned relationship. Conversely, Data developers, collectors, and users are saprophytical beneficiaries of this relationship.
RepuX and its Vision;
RepuX is a cryptocurrency organization that seeks to monetize data as an attempt to create wealth for itself and prospective investors. The intent of RepuX Protocol is to facilitate the monetization of data through efficient transfers among data developers, collectors as well as users. Primarily, RepuX intends to add value to Data.
Some objectives of RepuX are highlighted below:
(1) To employ data monetization as a source of revenue for individuals and business organizations alike, (2)To develop easy-to- use application programming interface or application that enable users to apply for a semi-final record in a mutual transaction. (3) To integrate t. he RepuX Protocol with exiting blockchain technology while building custom solutions in certain cases.
What is RepuX?
This is an app that creates a process of data share among its collectors and developers as w ell as well its users. The peculiarity of RepuX is ;it is the first to design this sort of application in the data market. RepuX is a protocol framework that allows data commodity to be exchanged among different corporate and individuals collectors, developers and users. It facilitate the transferring of data and value between peers. Above all, RepuX protocol provides the opportunity for data producer’s to create value in their data via facilitating the provisions to users in multiple industries while avoiding an intermediary.
The Initial Coin Offering (I C O)
It is planned that 500 million RepuX tokens will be release during the pre-sale of its public launching. Thus, all accredited investors can access this through a simple agreement. Within this period however, each participant is expected to provide information concerning his or her status of accreditation for security purposes. Again, as an attempt to ensure anti-money laundering all pre-sale participants will be required to provide “know-your-client” information. The pre-sale launch is scheduled to take off December 2017, and the token sale in February 2018. This starter package will open with five stages of discount base rate, namely: 30%, 25%, 20%, 15%, 10% respectively. Please refer to tables 1&2 ‘RepuX token rates and Planned Allocation of RepuX token’
The RepuX Team;
This Team is one to trust in that honesty and experience is the mother of industry. Because of time constraints however, we may not forward all and sundry that are behind the RepuX dream, whose wealth of experiences is a sure mark of success. First in this diary is Marcin Welner, with twenty years experience in Information Technology (I T) and background Programming. Tomaz Tybon is another man of integrity behind the scene, he has 10 years experience in marketing, sales and product development. Kocznur Przemyslaw, a software engineer, worked with Procter and Gamble for ten years. Another man of substance is Taras Bazyshyn, a Senior Android Engineer with e-commerce Industry. He is in charge of machine learning, image recognition, augmented reality, Bluetooth beacons, location solutions technology for mobile app etc.
Conclusion: Given the high level of experience and expertise bestowed with the RepuX team, as well as their willingness to serve as a regulatory regime to the RepuX block chain, gives a significant proof to substantiate that investment with RepuX Protocol is a step towards stabilized financial growth. Consequently, this platform will grow in popularity and in market size with a bid to enrich it’s investors. So, be a realist and not a dreamer, be an opportunist.

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