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Making 100 % Profit From The Rise And Fall of Bitcoin Online

Do you know you can profit from the Rise and Fall of Bitcoin? You may ask how. Yes it’s very much possible.

Bitcoin price fluctuates every second, every minute and every day. You can profit from this Price fluctuations. What you do is to buy bitcoin when the price is down low and sell it when it’s high above your buying price.

The issue in this business opportunity is where to Buy ,Store and Sell your bitcoin.

Where Buy Bitcoin:

Bitcoin is sold in different Bitcoin Exchanges Online.You can buy bitcoin at Bitpesa and Naira4dollar. Both Bitcoin Exchanges are very reliable and secure to use.  I have used both exchanges several times. Bitcoin  buying prices is base on the current  prices(Bitcoin Wisdom Prices)

Where to Store Bitcoin:

Bitcoin is usually kept in a Bitcoin wallet. For this purpose we will use Xapo and Blockchain wallets respectively, my favorite wallet being Xapo.  Xapo wallet does not collect fees to make transfers or withdrawals, however Blockchain wallet collects a fee of 10000 satoshi for every transfer.

 How to Sell Bitcoin:

How you sell and profit from this market is to watch the Bitcoin Price to see any price change that can give you profit, then you sell your bitcoin to make profit. You can sell at Bitpesa

It’s straight and simple! Example you can buy bitcoin at $500 per btc and sell it at $650 and make $150 profit. This can be within a  1day, 1week or 1month.

A lot of money is made from this Bitcoin market. Do not waste time to join this Bitcoin market. This is this business opportunity of the 21st century!