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Make Huge Money With The Latest Blockchain Debit Card Online.

Cryptocurrencies creation and adoption is gaining momentum in the global financial world. More than 100 cryptocurrenries ICOs are lunched everyday on the internet. However there arise the problem of integrating all these cryptocurrencies into a usable and spendable currency.

That’s why Centra Tech has come to solve this prevailing problem with the creation of a Blockchain debit card called “Centra Debit card”.

According to Centra Tech Whitepaper background statement:

“Financial services industry is notoriously opaque. Today if you’d need to do commerce, transactions or exchange money with a dear one back home there has to trusted third party like a central bank, government or a credit card company. None of these intermediaries can provide a real-time and accurate trace ability of financial transactions”

Starting from August 5, 2017 to october 5, 2017 Centra Tech is lunching an initial currency offering(ICO) to raise funds for the implementation of a Centra debit Card and the secured Wallet project.These funds are needed for various reasons.

According to Centra Tech White paper:

“Although the centra Card and wallet are already live in beta, we are offering our initial crowd sale of tokens to appropriately fund the vision of Centra tech’s future. Onboarding key developers, legal team, marketing individuals and other key components or personnel will require additional funds”

Centra is a cryptocurrency based debit card that will make it convenient for card holders to spend their cryptocurrencies in all fiat currency transaction between the fiat financial world and the cryptocurrency world..The Debit card is designed to be compatible with 8 major cryptocurrencies in the blockchain.

According to Centra Tech Statement on their website:

“Centra supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies across various blockchains. The assets currently supported are: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, ERC20 Tokens, Ripple, Zcash, and Dash. We will soon implement a support of more assets in time”

The Centra Tech ICO offers investors great opportunity for a comprehensive reward program for both token and card holders while giving them the ability to spend their cryptocurrency with low fee. Holders of Centra debit card can make purchases using the blockchain currencies of their choice through the Centra wallet App. This is possible any where in the world where Mastercard or Visa card are acceptable.

Centra Tech intends to add a Cbay platform for sales of goods. This is what they have to say about cBay:

“Our cBay platform gives our users the ability to purchase over 100,000 items from our market using their cryptocurrency. You will have the ability to use your Centra Wallet to pay for goods or pay direct from any wallet of your choice.

We will give the world the ability to spend their assets to purchase real goods on the internet. Choose from electronics, clothing items, household goods and more with worldwide shipping. The Cryptocurrency marketplace will allow vendors in the future to list their products for sale on the platform”

During the Crowdsale Centra Token(CTR) will be available for sale to investors. CTR tokens may be purchased via #Bitcoin(BTC), #Ethereum(ETH or #Litecoin(LTC)

Centra Tech has very strong team members with a wide depth of experience in blockchain, technology, marketing and business operations.

Centra Tech great team include, Sam Sherma(President/Co-founder), Micheal Edwards(Vp/Co founder),Steven Sykes(CTO), Raymond Trapani(COO), Jessica Robinson(CFO), Robert Farkes(CMO), Martin Pejkov(Markrting Director), Andrey Nechesov(Blockchain Director), Filip Burcevski(Technology Director), Steve Stanley(PR Director) and Peter Aziz(Production Manager).

Join Centra Tech ICO and make real huge money Online because opportunity they says comes but once. Centra Tech ICO train is moving and it’s unstoppable!  It is now or never!

Written by Ebenezer Oyeodini

BitcoinTalk UserName:  Cryptogeek101


Bitcoin Explained To Nigerians Online

Bitcoin is a form of digital currency similar to Webmoney, Perfectmoney and Payza. The only difference is that bitcoin is decentralized and not controlled by any central authority like banks, governments and corporations.

How does Bitcoin work:
Bitcoin is powered by a technology called blockchain which is a public ledger that records every bitcoin transactions and visible using a tool called blockexplorer by searching for bitcoin address or transactions id. Bitcoin is secure and anonymous because personal information are not associated with bitcoin and due to it’s advanced technology. Bitcoins can’t be counterfeited with only 25 million ever be created.

Sending and receiving bitcoin works very similar to email, you only need the address of the person you want to send the bitcoin to, no need for names & addresses. Bitcoin is very fast has low fees compared to other payment methods, like western union, moneygram & Paypal. The cost of sending bitcoin is $0.02 or 3.98 Nigerian Naira to anywhere in the world.

Bitcoin wallet:
To get started with Bitcoin, you need to create a bitcoin wallet. Bitcoin wallet is a place that you store, receive and send bitcoins. Unlike banks, bitcoin wallet gives you full control over your bitcoins. This means no third party can freeze or lose your funds.

You can get bitcoin wallet on your mobile phones, computers, hardware or paper wallet and online wallet. Just like there is different types of email providers, gmail, yahoo etc. You can choose which bitcoin wallet provider you like, we recommend Blockchain or you can pick Xapo Wallet

Getting bitcoin:

Mining bitcoins is very hard to do nowadays because a lot of people with bigger commuting powers are generating bitcoins faster than regular computers.

The best way is to buy bitcoin at online bitcoin exchange like NairaEx a bitcoin exchange based in Nigeria that offers low trading, zero deposit and withdrawal fees. You can buy bitcoins by depositing Naira into our bank account in Nigeria and you can sell bitcoin and withdraw Naira directly to any Nigerian banks. Also you can exchange perfectmoney, webmoney to bitcoin.

Another way is to accept bitcoin for your business, bitcoin is very good for online business because of the low processing fees and no risks for charge-backs compared to debit and credit cards. Also trading bitcoin like forex is a good way to make more money with bitcoins.

Bitcoin Blog Leverage:The Power To Earn Bitcoin From Other People’s Blog Efforts Online.

Earning Bitcoin Online can be made very Easy when you Leverage the Efforts of Others who are in the same Bitcoin Earning Business with You.

I have discovered from my past Online Experience that you need the efforts of others to make it.
In this article I have referred this strategy as “Bitcoin Blog Leverage”

I have therefore listed some of the most important Bitcoin Blogs Online that can help You in the quest of earning Bitcoin Online.
Take time to learn from the information provided by these Blogs and be sure to Earn Bitcoin Online.

Below a list of the First 20 Bitcoins Blogs Online. You can learn about Bitcoin from these Bitcoin Blogs Online:

1. Coindex.Com

2. Letstalkbitcoin.Com

3. BitcoinMagazine.Com

4. Bravenewcoin.Com

5. Newsbtc.Com

6. Moneybeat

7. BitcoinAliens.Com

8. Blog.Ethereum.org

9. OfNumbers.Com

10. Bitcoinist.Net

11. Digiconomist.Net

12. Allcoinsnews.Com

13. Cryptocoinsnews.Com


15. Coinreport.Net

16. Cryptorials.Io

17. Altcoinsnews.Com

18. Gendal.Me

19. Coingecko.Com

20. Blockchain.Com

I will be updating this Blog post from time to time to include other Bitcoins Blogs that are not listed here. If you own any Bitcoin Blog that you feel it’s important to Include on Bitcoin24hrs.com ,you should send Me the Blog Url on the following email address: ebenezeroyeodini@yahoo.com or ebenezeroyeodini@gmail.com.

Why I want Nigerians To Earn And Use Bitcoin Online.

There are many Definitions of Bitcoin online, however the simple Definition is that Bitcoin was invented as a peer-to-peer system for online payments that does not require a central authority. Since its inception in 2008, Bitcoin has grown into a technology, a currency, an investment vehicle, and a community of users.

Why use Bitcoin? What are its benefits? Why is it better than cash or credit cards?
Many Nigerians asked these questions all the time so I thought I should put together a post on some of the reasons why you, or anyone in Nigeria, should know about Bitcoin and also find reasons to have and use Bitcoin.

The following are some of the basic reasons why Nigerians should own and use Bitcoins Online:

I.Bitcoin Provide Financial Freedom:
Bitcoin allows you to be your own bank. Bitcoin is simultaneously an open financial protocol and a currency required in order to transact freely on the protocol.

II.Bitcoin provides Privacy Online:
Our Block Explorer, along with other Bitcoin block explorers, display the entire history of Bitcoin transactions for all to see.
Bitcoin transaction history can be access by anyone online.
At first glance, you might consider this level of transparency the opposite of private.
This means that online Bitcoin users can choose whether they want to be completely transparent with their Bitcoins or keep them very private.
The Bitcoin Protocol does not require people to identify themselves in order to transact business. Unlike a bank where people often have one or two accounts, you can create as many Bitcoin wallets as you want.

III.Bitcoin is very secure and Global:
There is no discrimination with Bitcoin. You can use it anywhere in the world, to send money almost instantly, nearly for free. Transferring bitcoins costs just a few pennies and you can send as much value as you want. There is no bitcoins counterfeit or duplicates because there is no third party in Bitcoin transactions.

IV.Bitcoin is for our Own Generation:
What we mean by that is Bitcoin is made for our own Internet-generation. We are quickly moving past the days of carrying around paper money or pulling out your credit card. Any country that has not adopted Bitcoin is said to backward in business.
Bitcoin goes several steps further than the convenience of credit cards by equipping users with a Payment option that is significantly lower in fees, provides reduction in transaction time, and is totally accessible through the dozens of Bitcoin wallets.

V.Bitcoin is not affected by Inflation:
The total number of bitcoins are said to be Peaked at 21 million, which is different than other currencies. Unlike Dollars which causes inflation as the total number increases, Bitcoin on the other hand is relatively scarce and fungible, and does not cause inflation.

For these reasons, I am urging Nigerians to start using Bitcoins so that they can benefits from the above reasons.